The Making of Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 Cover

Jay Z Blueprint 3 cover art

There is a great video documenting the process of creating the cover art for Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 album. I think the art it self is pretty cool and I love all the work that Dan Tobin Smith, the artist that created the Blueprint 3 cover does, but I really feel like this cover doesn’t make sense for Jay-Z. For example watch the Rhapsody commercial. The concept of the commercial is to take you through all of Jay’s album covers in one steady shot, where Jay changes clothes, scenes, and poses. The commercial is to promote the new album, but it ends with a bunch of white instruments rather than an iconic image of Jay-Z, like every album he has put out in the past. I feel like the commercial would have been so much stronger if the last shot was Jay on the cover of Blueprint 3… None the less, the new art is pretty impressive and the time laps video documenting the process is fun to watch. Check out the time laps as well as the Rhapsody commercial after the jump. (via inqmnd)