You might need to set aside some quiet time for this one, but I definitely recommend you do. Richard Forne did a good job of getting the Above Below crew (and more) to candidly discuss BMX and its lifestyle in the BELOW version of the video. Also, that screengrab is horrifying.

You can watch Above Below in full below. This is the most I’ve ever typed “below” in one spot.


Beast, indeed….

Dan Lacey.

Would ya look at that…

ride uk, dan lacey

I definitely reacted positively upon seeing this photo of Dan Lacey leaning hard on 2 sticks. Fuck yes!

Down The Middle Tour: Athens

Greece, yo.

Down The Middle Tour: Budapest

Dan Lacey, Nathan Williams and Dakota hit up Budapest in this episode of the Down The Middle tour, with appearances by Ed Zunda and David Budko.

Down The Middle Tour: Copenhagen

Check out what Dan Lacey, Dakota Roche and Nathan Williams get into on the first leg of the Down The Middle tour in Copenhagen.

Check back for the next one soon.

Photogallery: Down The Middle Tour

down the middle tour, cinema, monster, bmx

Nathan Williams, Dakota Roche and Dan Lacey all recently took a 2 week journey through Copenhagen, Budapest and Athens as part of the Down The Middle tour. They are gathering footage for the Cinema DVD, but there will also be a 3 part web series to come of it.

Click below to check out some shots from the trip courtesy of Tom Creasy, Will Stroud and company and be sure to check back soon for the first one.


Under Fire

george marshall photo, albion, bruno hoffmann

Around the 1:16 mark on this Dan Lacey edit, you can see photographer George Marshall running around just after some sort of disturbance in Tel Aviv. Scary shit indeed. George, Dan, Bruno Hoffmann and Rich Forne were all in town working on Dan’s edit and Albion interview. On George’s recent visit to Austin, I was able to point out that I noticed him running around during this intro, and we proceeded to talk about how wild it was during this project.

Anyway, George has posted a nice overspill gallery from this trip on the Albion site. Check it HERE.

Dan Wiergowski

Super human bike maneuvering dual edit posting extravaganza.

Dan Lacey & Bruno Hoffmann

…for Federal. Automatic embed.

Filmed by: Devon Hutchins
Edited by: Edd Allen
Music: ‘Parrowdice’ by Klashnekoff

Print ad: Federal

Check out a new ad from Federal featuring Bruno Hoffman, from their new painting series, as well as the first ad featuring Dan Lacey.


Federal Week

Federal dropped a series of edits this week starting on Tuesday, and here they are all in one place.

The week wraps up with Dan Lacey (above). This dude never disappoints.

Click below for the rest.


Dan Lacey Frame Promo

I’m posting this promo of Dan Lacey talking about his signature frame for 4 reasons:

Dan Lacey is one of my favorite riders.
There’s clips of him riding.
English accents are cool.
That last clip! WTF?


Via – Federal

Ty & Lacey & Barcelona.

dan lacey, bmx, federal

Anytime the words Dan Lacey and Ty Morrow show up in my inbox, I know it’s gonna be good. This is no exception. Click below to check it out.

Filmed during a 4 day Barcelona trip by Charlie Jobling and Sebastian Keep.
Edited by – Edd Allen


Red Bull Reservoir Dogs

red bull reservoir dogs

The full edit for the Red Bull Reservoir Dogs – one of my favorite edits I’ve seen in a long time – showed up online last Friday and has already been watched over 100,00o times! The video basically documents Sebastien Keep, Dan Lacey and Ben Hennon as they travel to Newcastle and ride this extremely deep, but yet perfect reservoir. The transitions that they are riding are so big that they actually lower in a motorcycle and toe each other to get enough speed. The session resulted in an unbelievable cover photo of Sebastine Keep for the current issue of Ride UK as well as this great edit by Edd Allen that (if you are not one of the 100,000 people that have seen it) you can check out after the jump.