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Mike Vincent tee by Leigh Ramsdell

Leigh Ramsdell designed a “Back On Track” tee shirt for the benefit of our buddy Mike Vincent, who as you may remember, survived an almost deadly hit by an auto a couple years ago which took his eyesight. Although the accident wasn’t his fault, he has an obscenely large hospital bill which isn’t covered by insurance. At fifteen bucks a shot we can help make a dent.

Go here to see the tees and purchase via PayPal.

Freeman Transport

freeman transport

The guys over at Freeman Transport, the very stylish hand-built collapsible bikes, have updated with a new websites. Along with everything you’d expect from a site as well as an online store, they have a new “troops” section with a very impressive list of people who will be blogging on their site.

You can check out the new Freeman Transport site here.