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Alex loves to find weird rooftop set ups. I met up with him and Anthony Loconte a few months back while they filmed a few clips on a Sunday evening. Here he found a rooftop wallride set up to roof drop afterward. Alex is probably one of my favorite dudes to watch shred in the Chicago scene. He just does his own thing and it’s so much fun to watch as well as being terrifying at the same time.


17 minutes with Dakota Roche, Alex Kennedy, Trey Jones, Andrew Castaneda and more. Get into it.

Nativeland 2

…aka fuck yeah, Dak!


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Just got around to eyeballing this EYELAND video. Eyeballs are not disappointed.

Click below to watch.


Vans X Cult X Roche X Jones X Simmons X Theus

Click below to peep the shoes.



New Dak shit. Me like. Shouts to Veesh.

Small Talk

Coming soon…

Keep posted HERE for more info.

35mm Forever



Jones 3:16

Trey Jones has a signature frame from Cult…can I get a HELL YEAH!?! So psyched on this frame and especially the chainstay grind guards!!

On This Date Last Year…

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We posted an “assorted facts” feature on Cult’s Talk is Cheap video. Still one of my favorite videos of ever.

Cult Winter Goods


New Cult wares to keep you warm. Eyeball HERE.

Print Ad: Cult

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… featuring Russ Barone.

We back up in this….

Sorry for the downtime. Server issues….. yadda, yadda, yadda.

Here are some visual nuggets to get you up to speed.


Q&A: Cult X The Simpsons

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Today we present you with a surprising collaboration. CULT and The Simpsons. That's right, CULT have teamed up with The Simpsons on a series of complete bikes. Starting it all off is this 24″ DUFF cruiser. Duffman is stoked!

I threw Robbie some questions about it all, so click below.


Print Ad: Cult

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