BMXFU / Craig Passero

Craig Passero is damn good. Here’s his section from BMXFU4: DIGITAL VIDEO DISC.

Shout out to that graphic, haha….

T.I.Y.B.O.L. – Grant / Passero

Here’s the first section of Lotek’s “This is your brain on Lotek” series, featuring David Grant and Craig Passero. All the edits that drop in this series will be compiled into the next Lotek mixtape DVD. Keep an eye out for more.

Any questions?


Rogoish / Passero

Both of these dropped today and fully worthy of your time.

Miles Rogoish for Osiris and Craig Passero for Stranger.


Back when I was on the East Coast around Thanksgiving, I had stopped by Superfly’s to chill for a bit. While there, he showed me footage of this local kid named “Manboy”, who I had only vaguely heard about. Turns out the stuff I saw was really good, and the kid is pretty young.

I told Super that I’d be psyched to get a Defgrip edit if possible, and they came through.

Check out the Craig “Manboy” Passero edit HERE.