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With the recent passing of Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman, I’m sure most fans went through and listened to a little more Slayer than usual. Same here.

While doing so, I kept being drawn to the amazing covers on some of these albums (specifically the ones above) and started wondering who made them after all these years. My research led me to Larry Carrol. Apparently dude keeps a low profile, which I kind of like. I did come across THIS rad interview which was a good read and had some great nuggets of info. I recommend.

If reading isn’t your thing, just click below.


R.I.P. – Storm Thorgerson


If you wanna talk about classic/brilliant album covers, you wanna talk about this guy (and assorted cohorts). Rest In Peace to Storm Thorgerson.

Click below to check a small glimpse of his work.


DIG BMX “Legends” Covers

If you read our recent Q&A with Will Smyth, you would already know that DIG magazine has undergone some changes recently. If you haven’t, read up.

Here, we present you with your first look at the covers for the upcoming “Legends” issue. Brian Foster above. Click below for the others.

I agree with all these, no brainers. Legends indeed. What do you guys think?

Keep an eye on DIG for more info.