First Look: Albion Issue #7 Cover

John Vandever Homan III: Diary of A Madman
Bob Haro: Haro Remastered
Garret Reynolds: Chasing Some Kind Of Little Thrill.
Scott Ditchburn: At Ease
Geoff Slattery: Rolling With The Punches
Dwelling Portably: Within The FBM Anit-Social Network

Dig it!

New DIG cover featuring Bruno Hoffmann.

Also, if you’re into redesigned websites, DIG has a new much improved version up now.

First Look: Albion 6 cover

Corey Martinez On Plastic Pegs
Darcy Saccucci And His Pivotal Moment
Clint Reynolds – Rise Of The Tin Man
Adam Wasylenko – Working In A Coalmine
Paper Trail – UK BMX Magazines, A Retrospective
Tom Dugan – I Hate ‘The Duganator’
Tom Sanders – The Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None
Matthew Roe – In The Clouds
Derek Nelson – People Are Strange, Kill Yourself
Max Wood – A Proper Love Story
Section Songs – Soundtrack To Our Lives
Stewart Johnson – Under The Mask

Cover Artwork by Ryan Humphrey, and photographed by Chloe Lee.

Available tomorrow in the UK and soon after worldwide. Yes please!


DIG 85

New DIG. Get in my mailbox now! Check the innards HERE.

Dig 84 Cover

Dakota Roche graces the cover of the new DIG. More info soon.

First Look: Albion 3 Cover

Featuring a blind emboss of their three sided triangular logo. So simple, yet so good.

Available soon. Visit their site for info.

Related: If you missed our Q&A with Albion Art Director Robert Loeber, than go HERE.

New Ride UK

Matt Roe on the new Ride UK cover. Bonus points for sporting a Defgrip hat!!!

First Look: Albion #2 Cover

Here is your first look at the cover of Albion #2, which releases on June 1st.

Albion is available free through all good UK BMX shops, and subscription only outside the UK. This mag comes highly recommended by yours truly (that’s me), so hit up the Albion site for info.

The first issue was remarkable, so I can’t wait to see this one.

First Look: The Albion #1

click to enlarge

Defgrip is happy to present you the cover to Albion #1.

My opinion? The cover looks great and it leaves me excited to see a physical copy. Simple as that.

In case you missed it, we previously interviewed Daniel Benson regarding The Albion, which will have a launch party on the 31st of March (today) in East London. The interview and release party info can be found HERE.

In addition, the Albion guys filmed a quick behind the scenes view of the printing process of the first mag. The video also contains little previews as people flip through copies. Click below to check that out.

Thanks to the Albion crew for hooking us up with all this.


Ride #171 aka Cranmer is nuts!

Yeah… soooo, this happened. WOW!

More info HERE.

Drew “Holy Shitballs” Bezanson

Now this is a cover!!! Damn.

New Ride BMX. Go HERE to read all about it.

New Dig # 76

Nice!! 2 Ben Hucke posts in a row.

This cover made it’s way around Twitter, but here it is directly from Dig. This photo has all the elements for a great cover… good rider, wild move and wacky obstacle. Nice one!

Click HERE to see what else comes with issue 76 of Dig BMX.