Dem Bakery Boyz…

…Keep pumping out good shit. New Red Bull YouTube series on deck with Corey Martinez and more. Get into it.

Ride & Seek #6 AKA Fuck yeah Corey Martinez!

Ride & Seek #3

This ones got Garrett Reynolds in it. All you need to know.

Fully, fully, fully digging this series so far.


Ride & Seek #2

In this episode, Corey Martinez lures Tony Neyer onto his rolling BMX cavalcade of bad-assery. Plus some other stuff.


Ride & Seek

I've been looking forward to this Ride & Seek series.

This first episode eases you into the whole thing and looks to be well done and promising.



Fuck Benetton!

I knew these guys were up to something when they came through Austin.

From Etnies:
Through their collective group of progressive riders, Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams and Geoff Slattery, etnies and United Bike Company joined forces to create an entire line of footwear, apparel and bikes together. The collection mixes in primary colors that tie the apparel’s bright graphics with the footwear’s bright pops of color in the contrast stitching to the spokes of the bikes wheels. This collaboration, with the brands’ riders, comprises the United Colors of etnies.

View Collection HERE.


United: Touring Japanese

united, touring japanese, edit


見るために下をクリック Nathan Williams, Corey Martinez, Christian Rigal, Ashley Charles & Matsuken 日本で乗って.


By The Numbers: Corey Martinez

corey martinez, defgrip, Q&A, bmx

We’ve written down 100 random questions and assorted topics, all of which are unbeknownst to our victims. We will be asking people to pick 15 random numbers from 1-100 and then supplying them with those questions/topics to answer. Who knows what might come up!?!?!

Kicking off this feature is none other than Corey Martinez, who is currently recovering from shoulder surgery. Click below and read on.


On This Date Last Year…

corey martinez, deth kimbrough, the bakery, bmx

We posted Corey and Seth at The Bakery.

Speaking of… new Bakery in the works.

Martinez @ 4Down Park

What better way to break in your new private ramp facility than to fly Corey Martinez over to flex his super human bike handling capabilities all over said ramp facility? I don’t know…

This is the first edit of many to come I’m sure.

Etnies Fall 2012

Forget Corey and Nathan, the description to this had me at Ryan Sheckler! He’s sooooooooooooooooooooo dreamy!!!!!!

If you can keep your eyes off Ryan Sheckler, you will get a glimpse of Etnies Fall 2012 collection as well as Corey and Nathan in the promo below. Cool stuff.


Print Ad: United

click to enlarge

Mucho Fuego! (Cinema in Barcelona)


Click below.


Martinez & Kimbrough @ The Bakery

The Bakery done changed up. New player, new intro, same amazing riding.

Click below.


Corey Martinez Officially on Etnies!!

Ha, I feel like Corey’s been on Etnies for ages. Anyway, any excuse to watch the man do his thing is ok by me.

Hit up ETNIES for the goods.