Cool Story Bro

All of Mutiny’s individual Cool Story Bro pieces have led up to this final video. 17 minutes of Mutiny action featuring Robbo, Matt Roe, Josh Bedford, Justin Simpson, Brandon Hoerres, Grant Castelluzzo and more.

Sit back, relax and get into it.

Cool Story Bro: Josh Bedford

Josh Bedford is up next in Mutiny’s “Cool Story Bro” series.

I could listen to English people speak all day, plus, his dog looks awesome!

Cool Story Bro: Mat Roe

Mat Roe is up next for the Cool Story Bro treatment. 05:29 = Classic.

Cool Story Bro: Justin Simpson


Cool Story Bro: Brandon Hoerres

Brandon is next up for the “Cool Story Bro” treatment. Nicely done indeed.

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