COMUИE’S 2nd Annual Karlson Tea Party

We posted on the Karlson Tea Party at COMUИE last year and this year they are back with another great event. Focused on motorcycles and photography, the event looked like it was a blast and the bikes on display look amazing! Keep reading to check out more info on the event as well as a bunch of photos.


COMUNE’s Karlson Tea Party


Last Saturday COMUNE had a nice little get together at their office compound in Costa Mesa to celebrate Adam Wright’s photo exhibition entitled “Karlson Tea Party”. People from all over came out, bringing in over a hundred different custom motorcycles for everyone to check out. I wish I could have definitely attended this one! looks like it would have been a rad time! Classic motorcycles, Pabst, Mexican food, even some QT’s! thats a wrap, maybe next year!

COMUNE, a contemporary streetwear label, has created a culture surrounding the brand that allows them to represent the lifestyle of its founder and staff. A large part of this lifestyle surrounds vintage motorcycle culture, whose elements come out in the design of their clothing line.

Check out additional photos from the event after the jump! Big Thanks to Andreas at Anthem!