I gotta say it was a good day…

The latest Magnum Opus from the Complex camp features Cube's “It was a Good Day”. Loving this series.


The 50 Greatest BMX Logos

Taj Mihelich took the plunge and came up with 50 of the greatest BMX logos for Complex.

Check it out HERE.

Project Runway

No tweeting, no hipster hats, all laptops on mute, just shut the fuck up sometimes, no tweeting please thank you, no blogging, no negative blog viewing, don’t tell anyone anything about anything we are doing, no racking focus while music is being played or music is being made, total focus on this project in all studios, no acoustic guitars in the studio, no pictures.

Kanye graces the cover of the newest Complex mag and to go along with the feature they have an extended 40 image gallery documenting the recording of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, shot by Nabil Elderkin. Check it out here, along withe the full cover story here.


BMX in Complex


Check out some scans, on The Come Up, of a fashion spread in the newest Complex magazine featuring a bunch of BMXers!

Clipse Mixtape

I don’t know about you Defgrip readers, but I’ve been loving these guys since Lord Willin’ in 2002. They’ve stuck with the same theme and have consistently put out quality raw lyricism with minimal compromise. After a few bumps in the road it’s nice to see everything coming together for the Clipse and there’s a lot of excitement around the new album coming in ’09.

For any of you who are looking forward to Till The Casket Drops as much as I am, The Fader has posted a free download link to the new Play Cloths/Clipse mixtape “Road to Till The Casket Drops” on the Complex website, as well as a nice new track from Clinton Sparks’ upcoming mixtape.

Here’s the free mixtape.

Here’s the Clinton Sparks track “Still Got It for Cheap“.