Top 10 everything

It’s that time of year again when every website and media outlet puts together their end of year lists. I haven’t come across too many yet, but had fun browsing through Time Magazine’s Top 10 Everything of 2012 list this morning… Loving this Dad’s in Breif’s commercial that was in their best commercials list.

ESPN Michael Jordan Commercial

This commercial from ESPN is so dope… The disappointments in life when you share the same name as one of the greatest basketball players of all time… Such a good concept!

Its Just Plain Stupid To Pay Too Much

A little dark humor for your weekend – seven commercials by the brilliant Swedish director Roy Andersson.

BMW “Unscripted”

A while back I saw all these Chevy “ads” based on their old products and image. For a company that now makes the HHR, I wasn’t quite sure that reminding everyone how cool you used to be was really the best sales tactic, but it was interesting.

Later I came across this Mercedes ad which championed the reliability of their past and present cars. If you watch the long version, a couple of those stories were real tear jerkers.

Now we have BMW’s “Unscripted” campaign, the first installment of which features an older gentleman talking about his awesome 2800CS with over 400k miles on it. A real character, a great car, and a well done commercial.

Check it out here.



My old roommate and good buddy Kevin McAvoy hipped me to these new Porsche commercials. They appear to be an attempt at preemptively addressing the critics who say it’s not a true Porsche… by closely associating the 4-door with the older rawer rear-engined 2-doors and their race heritage, rather than distancing it from them as most purists and critics seem to be doing.

Regardless of how you feel about the Panamera, these commercials are so good. It must have been a fun few days in the desert.


DC Progression Commercial


I remember liking this commercial a lot when it came out, but didn’t realize it’s been a year already. It just got inducted into “The Best of YouTube” so check it out again.


Honda Insight Commercial

Honda Insight Commercial

Check out this incredible use of a Vimeo page for the Honda Insight Commercial. Make sure to make it to the end to catch the lens flare. What does everyone think of the Vimeo/Honda collab and the fact that Vimeo let them take over their whole page? Is this the start of a new trend?

Check out the commercial here.

Audi and BMW Billboards


I thought that these Audi commercials were pretty funny and accurate because they made fun of Lexus, a car which no self-respecting car enthusiast would buy. But then I drove by their Santa Monica billboard which says “Your Move, BMW” and thought it was a bit weird, not just because it’s corny but also because comparatively, BMW is still actually a pretty decent German brand, in a douchey, 2nd-to-Mercedes-and-Porsche sort of way.

So it’s extra funny to me that BMW dropped a billboard directly across the street soon after, featuring the M3 Coupe and the word “Checkmate”.

Check out the story and photo here.