I LOL’d.

I kept that in formaldehyde…

Tyson. Classic.

Subrosa G.U.T.I. Commercial

Had I not been forced to watch Office Space this year, I would be completely lost on this commercial. But now I get it! Luckily, I know Jim Cielencki who let me borrow the DVD (which is eerie considering him and Ryan Sher were once teammates). Conspiracy? Shadow Conspiracy? Ok I’ll stop now…

From Subrosa:
R.I.P. GUTI camera #6. You did your job with dignity and class. You can see camera #6’s work in our full-length DVD “Get Used To IT” due to release to the public around April 2013

Filmed and Edited by Ryan Chadwick

Also, click below to check out the sweet G.U.T.I. disc art.



I couldn’t help but think how messed up this commercial was when I first saw it the other night, and now I can’t get the song out my head.

Jack in the Box has the best ads though…

Insult to Injury – Audi commericals


Don’t let Lexus’ boring ass cars rob you of your identity.

Seriously I don’t even like Audi and I love these commercials. First this, now these two new spots.

Here’s the first one.

Here’s an even better one.