New Year’s Drive — Photo Dump

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On the first day of every year, a hundred or so Porsche enthusiasts meet up for an early morning coffee in the Valley and then move swiftly through some amazing empty mountain roads while southern California sleeps.

A special thank you to all who get wasted on New Year’s Eve and make this beautiful experience possible every year.

Here’s an iPhone pic dump for all of you who enjoy Porsches new and old. Pics by (and of) Ryan Fudger, Dave Mavro, Jim Bauer, Brett Rubin, Matt Crooke and yours truly.


Quintin / Intelligentsia

Quintin has teamed up with Intelligentsia coffee for a most unlikely collaboration, curated by BMX’s own Kevin Porter.

The Quintin/Intelligentsia hat can be found here and here.

So now you can buy hats at Intelligentsia, and soon you’ll be able to buy Intelligentsia coffee from Quintin. What a world we are living in.

The story can be found here.


I’m really only posting this so I could run that witty post title, but word all over the net is that KP is now sponsored by Intelligentsia Coffee. I have tried said coffee, and can vouch that it is indeed very good. Congrats to KP.

If you missed my Q&A with Kevin regarding his Coffee shop, check that out HERE.

Q&A: KEVIN PORTER & De•li•cious

Kevin Porter recently opened up a coffee shop in Chicago with his wife Chelsea, named De•li•cious Café.

I was stoked and intrigued when I heard about this venture, as it is a departure from the predictable bike shop that you would expect a pro rider to open. Hence, I asked KP some questions about it.

Click below to check it out.

Thanks to David Leep for the pics.