Cody Hudson – Struggle Inc.®


Cody Hudson, one of my favorite artists and someone who has been a huge influence on me creatively, just updates with a new site. This is actually the first time since I discovered his work years and years ago, that’s he’s updated with a new site and I just had so much fun digging through all his work. The site is broken up into two sections – Struggle Inc.® which consists of all his commercial work and The Life and Times of Cody Hudson, which showcases all of his art.

I had a hard time narrowing down what images to post, but check out a small selection of work after the jump and make sure to check out his new site!


Cody Hudson Blog

One of my favorite artists, Cody Hudson (who had a plate in the Lightning Bolts show) has a nice blog going on. It looks like he’s been blogging for a while and I just had a blast looking through all his old posts… There’s some great images of his art, gallery shows, and random stuff people blog about.

Check out Cody Hudson’s blog here.