New United Clothing

United just dropped a bunch of new clothing. They have some rad graphic tees as well as a nice black and white striped hoodie and t-shirt.

Check out all the new clothign here.

New Federal Clothing

Federal just released a bunch of new t-shirts and hoodies as well as a rad video of Max Vincent.

Check out the clothing on their site and the video after the jump – READ MORE

Shadow Holiday Collection

The Shadow Conspiracy just dropped their Holiday Clothing line on their site. Check it out here.

Maiden Noir

My friend Nin Troung has a rad feature up on the Complex site. Nin is an owner of Goods, Manik, and Maiden Noir and this video focus’s on Nin’s creative process and ides with his clothing company, Maiden Noir. You get to see a bunch of the clothing, swatches, and his sketches, but beware of the really annoying pop up ads!

Check out Nin’s video after the jump – READ MORE

Shola and Lotek

It looks like Rich and Bruce are going to be working together in some capacity on Bruce’s new colthing/ video venture, Shola. There is a new Shola trailer floating around it it’s quite epic. I know the video is going to be nuts and I can’t wait to see what comes from the Lotek/Fremont & Shola linkup!

Check out the new Shola trailer after the jump – READ MORE