Animal X Defgrip t-shirt

We teamed up with Animal Bikes and Edwin De La Rosa to produce a t-shirt featuring a photo that ran in the FW 2010 lookbook on Defgrip. The shirts are limited to 75 pieces and all ship with a full color zine featuring photos from the lookbook. The zine is really dope and we are stoked on how the shirts turned out.

So stoked in fact that we are also running a second design in three colors featuring a different photo that will be available on the Animal online store as well as your local bike shops!

Click here to pick up one of the limited shirts/zines from our online store and keep reading to check out more photos of the shirt.


Simpel Session New Era Hats

Risto from Simpel Session hooked us up with an exclusive preview of their new New Era hats that are a part of the Simpel Session clothing line. You can pick one up from their online store soon and keep reading to check them out!


Travis Collier Defgrip Jackets

Travis Collier has been modifying and making custom clothes for as long as I’ve known him. The past few years, he’s gotten really into customizing military jackets, so we thought it would be really cool if he put together a few limited jackets for Defgrip! We have some available for sale on our online store now, so pick one up and keep reading to check out a bunch of photos shot by David Lang!!

I feel strongly about custom fit and detailing in clothing. So much so that I spend alot of time customizing my own wardrobe and accessories. These Defgrip jackets were a prime example of this. After creating one or two of my own, I received such a great response to the look and fit of them. So Defgrip and I decided to do a collaboration and make more. Each piece started as a vintage military fatigue, I then dyed, fitted and detailed each piece into an entirely different jacket.

– Travis Collier



Simpel Session Clothing

The Simpel Session contest in Estonia is getting closer (Feb 5-6) and to go along with the contest this year, they have produced a small run of clothing, including a t-shirt (above) designed by Travis Collier. Pick up some shirt on the Simpel Session online store!


Defgrip X Quintin hat in stock

We have a small batch of the Defgrip X Quintin hats in stock on our online store right now. The quantities are really small and based on all the positive response, they will probably sell out real fast, so we just want to apologize in advance if you aren’t able to pick one up. We are in the process of working on a larger run of hats, so keep an eye out for those, and while your at it, pick up one of the Defgrip beanies now that the weather is getting cold!! (p.s. we ship anywhere in the world!)

Click here to buy the Defgrip X Quintin hat.

Animal Fall/Winter 2010 Lookbook

We are excited to present a lookbook for the Animal Bikes Fall/Winter 2010 clothing! For the past month, Edwin Delarosa, with the help of Grady Corbitt, has been shooting photos of the Animal Bikes crew around New York in all the new Fall/Winter 2010 clothing. From Doritos and deli sandwiches to cruising on the Williamsburg Bridge, these photos give you a good look at the new clothing as well as a glimpse into the day to day life of the Animal crew. All the clothing will be available in mid-July and the New Eras will be out this week. Check out the Animal website for all the info!


Subrosa Summer Clothing

Subrosa just posted all their summer clothing including a bunch of t-shirts, hats, and a hoodie. Check it all out after the jump!


New Mutiny T-Shirts

Mutiny just posted some new t-shirts on their site as well as an edit of session with Matt Roey, Robbo, Hanson Little, Mikey Luplow, and Ryan Smith. You can check all that out after the jump and you can also pick up their t-shirts from their website.


New Lotek T-Shirts

Lotek just posted a preview of their new t-shirts that will be available in May. Check some bigger images out after the jump!


Say Mayday Shirts

The crew at Say Mayday have their first batch of t-shirts out! To celebrate the release, they are actually giving them away. All you have to do is send one of your friends to the Say Mayday Facebook page, then drop them an email to let them know you did! How can you beat a deal like that??


George Costanza Style

Best thing I’ve seen all day. A very humorous breakdown of George Costanza’s clothing related to todays trends from Start to Finish. It’s funny because every time I watch Seinfeld I always marvel at how bad their clothes are… But this post made me realize I’m completely wrong. George Costanza is on point… HAHA.


Defgrip Beanies In Stock!

That’s right, the beanies are done and in stock! We have three colors avalible – Red, Gray, and Black all with a white Defgrip woven label. I know, I know…  It’s a bit late in the year and we just missed winter, but that shouldn’t stop you from picking one up in each color!

Check out the new beanies on the Defgrip Store!

Shadow Winter 09 Clothing

Shadow just released their winter 09 clothing line and for the release they have a flipbook on their site showcasing all the new pieces. Keep reading to see some of the collection and you can check out the filpbook here.


Send Us Your Photos

Ryan Moore sent us this dope photo of him in a Quilted T shirt in a meeting room at his work (Victoria’s Secret!) The photo is too dope not to post and we want to see more for you guys. If you picked up a one of our t-shirts send us a photo rocking it! You can either send an email or just hit us on our Facebook page!


Martin The Taylor


A while back, we posted on a short documentary about Martin the Taylor. The video was amazing and got a lot of buzz around the internet. Today, The Selby just posted a great series with Martin the Taylor that was shot for the December issue of GQ. You can keep reading to check out a few photos from The Selby as well as the video about Martin The Taylor.