C’etait un Redezvous

A good quote from John Dillinger in Pubic Enemies: “I like baseball, movies, good clothes, fast cars, whiskey, and you… what else you need to know?” I’ve got 2 of those 6 for you right here: The famous 9-minute movie C’etait un Redezvous is back online.

For those not familiar here’s the long story short: Mercedes blurred the lines between comfort saloon and sportscar back in 1974 with the 6.9, which is widely revered as the baddest Mercedes of all time. In 1976, French filmmaker Claude LeLouch strapped a camera to the front of his 6.9 and drove it full speed through the streets of Paris to make this film — the story of a gentleman who was apparently just in a hurry to meet his lady. Later he did the same drive in his V12 Ferrari and dubbed that soundtrack into the movie.

Click below to see the movie and waayyy more.