Down The Middle Tour: Athens

Greece, yo.

Down The Middle Tour: Budapest

Dan Lacey, Nathan Williams and Dakota hit up Budapest in this episode of the Down The Middle tour, with appearances by Ed Zunda and David Budko.

Down The Middle Tour: Copenhagen

Check out what Dan Lacey, Dakota Roche and Nathan Williams get into on the first leg of the Down The Middle tour in Copenhagen.

Check back for the next one soon.

Photogallery: Down The Middle Tour

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Nathan Williams, Dakota Roche and Dan Lacey all recently took a 2 week journey through Copenhagen, Budapest and Athens as part of the Down The Middle tour. They are gathering footage for the Cinema DVD, but there will also be a 3 part web series to come of it.

Click below to check out some shots from the trip courtesy of Tom Creasy, Will Stroud and company and be sure to check back soon for the first one.


Cinema at Hollenbeck

Skatepark edit done right.

Featuring Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley, Bruno Hoffmann, Dan Lacey and Dakota Roche. Luckily, none of these guys showed up.

On This Date Last Year…

We posted this Dakota Roche/Cinema edit. Click below.


Insta-Gallery: Etnies X Cinema in Portland

Over the summer, the etnies and Cinema crews rented an apartment in Portland for 10 days and proceeded to grace the city with their 20″ mastery. The crew consisted of Corey Martinez, Chase Dehart, Tony Neyer, Sean Sexton and Dakota Roche.

Evidence of said 20″ mastery can be SEEN RIGHT HERE.

In addition, we have a gallery of this trip that Povah compiled of Instagram pics from all of the crew. Click below to check that out.


Dakota / Cinema Edit

Who doesn’t love them some Dakota Roche???

Click below now before I slap you with a palm tree.


Cinema X Fiend Tulsa Edit

Here’s the final result of the Disposed we ran a few days ago. CINEMA and Fiend in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Good shit!

Features Garrett Reynolds, Ty Morrow, Chase Dehart and JJ Palmere. Ty Morrow hurt his ankle on the first day of the trip and wasn’t able to ride.

Edited by Will Stroud

Filmed by Tony Ennis, Will Stroud, Ty Morrow, Garrett Reynolds & Kevin Conners

Photography by Kevin Conners

Disposed: Cinema X Etnies in Colorado

Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams, Seth Kimbrough, Bruno Hoffman, Will Stroud, Walter Pieringer and John Povah recently hit up Colorado in the form of a Cinema/Etnies trip. A Disposable camera was passed around to capture the good times, so click below to check out the pics.

—> Click HERE to check out the edit from this trip.


Nathan Williams

Nathan Williams for Cinema.

Filmed by Dakota Roche
Edited by Will Stroud

Cinema Sessions / Nathan & Dak

Nathan and Dakota. You know what to do.

The second half of this took me by surprise. Good stuff.

Filmed and Edited by Will Stroud

Cinema Sessions Trailer

Cinema posted a trailer today, for what you can only expect to be an amazing split edit, with Nathan Williams and Dakota Roche… Which some of the footage just happens to be from Nuno’s Out and About gallery that he shot with Dak & Nathan a few weeks back! Keep reading to check out the trailer and don’t be afraid to check out the gallery again because there are some great shots in there!


Cinema Hats and Ad

Cinema Wheel Co. dropped a preview of their 2011 hats as well as their latest ad featuring Chase Dehart. Check both of them out after the jump.


New Cinema Site & Promo

This just came in. Features Garrett Reynolds, Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams, Sean Sexton & Chase DeHart, so you know it’s good.

This promo coincides with Cinema’s new site, which you can check HERE.