Sunday Mixer

5 minutes from the Sunday fam comprised of clips that will not be going towards another project.


“Crack Dad is what makes time travel possible” – Marty Mcfly
“I should’ve gotten Crack Dads from Hell tattooed on my head instead” – Phil Anselmo
“I believe in Crack Dad and crack dad accessories” – Hank Hill
“Crack Dad taught me how to stunner” – Stone Cold Steve Austin
Crack Dad is the reason Metallica sucks now

Here at Crack Dad we only care if you buy a t-shirt from us so we can buy more crack, all of our extremely creative/game changing/fre$h designs are fueled by the crack that we eat on top of our pizza everyday. Our mission here at Crack Dad is to simply dismember/destroy/decapitate anything and everything involving 12 year old humans listening to gucci mane riding a flat ledge. We were simply sent here from another planet to destroy everything you’ve ever loved.

Crack Dad ruined my life

– Trey Jones


Featuring Trey Jones, Colt Fake, Kenny Horton, Eric Holladay, Chris Childs and more. Be sure to eyeball the goods at Crack Dad. Shout out to Trey Jones.

Sunday Goes To Idaho and Montana

What happens when Gary Young, Alex Magallan and Chris Childs venture into Idaho and Montana? This!

Sunday Goes to New England

Watch Alex Magallan, Jake Seeley, Lee Dennis, Chris Childs and Mark Burnett get sexy in New England.


Chris Childs

Back in February of 2011, we posted an exclusive Chris Childs edit that Jeff DuPaul put together for us. I damn near almost forgot that we did. Fast forward to today, and Chris’ all-around abilities have evolved quite well, as seen in this new Sunday joint.

Click below to check out the Chris Child / Team Jeff DuPaul edit from 2011.


Chris Childs / TJD / Defgrip edit

Jeff DuPaul (w/ help from a few others) put together this sweet edit of Chris Childs for us. Guest appearances by Matt Barchus and Lil Stevie Churchill.

Thanks to Jeff for submitting the edit, Chris Childs and everyone involved.

Click below to check it out.