Eclat in Shanghai

I’m really stoked on this edit from Eclat documenting their trip to Shanghai. Great mix of riding, lifestyle and interview footage… and the clips are so good! They also have a great mini-site to go along with their trip featuring photos from Andrew White. Check the video above and site here.

Van Homan in China

Here’s Van’s account of his recent trip to Dallas China. Well done and enjoyable.

Filmed & Edited by Stew Johnson

Shanghai 5

Shanghai 5 is a documentary by¬†Charles Lanceplaine about skating in the Chinese city. Anyone who’s been to metropolitan China or has seen recent videos of the country knows that many of the spots there are absolutely phenomenal, and there is still tons of untouched potential everywhere. This rad documentary does a great job of showing not only the architecture and vibe of the city, but also the skating scene that is growing in Shanghai. And it definitely proves one thing for sure – if you ever get a chance to visit China with your bike/skateboard/rollerblades/segway/anything, DO IT!!

Photogallery: China 2010

Earlier this year I spent three and a half weeks traveling through Shanghai, Xi’an, and Beijing in China. It was an amazing experience and I had a blast taking photos. Hit the gallery to see pixels!


Josh and Ty in China

Stoked on this video of Josh Harrington and Ty Morrow in China. There’s a bunch of clips of them riding the new Woodward as well as some fun random stuff of them walking around and exploring. (via TCU)