Anthony Malvasio in "Chick’n Nugg’t"

Anthony's section in Jeff K's Chick'n Nugg't video is too good. High hops to cellar doors and everything in between can be found in here.


Interview: Jeff Klugiewicz / Chik’N Nugg’t

Tulsa_3.13.Luke Mouradian Photo: Luke Mouradian

People that have been riding since the early 2000’s and before remember Midwest BMX and the impact that it had on BMX as a whole. The videos that they produced would be put out directly to the Internet while everyone else was putting years of work into videos that were released on VHS and DVDs. One of the masterminds behind the Midwest BMX site was Jeff Klugiewicz. The transition from making web edits to an actual DVD seems to be backwards in this day and age but there is always a warm feeling when you get a physical copy of riding material.

Click below to check out a Q&A with Jeff Klugiewicz to find out more about his mixtape.