6 questions for Chester Blacksmith

I found out a lot of interesting and unexpected things by asking 6 questions to Chester Blacksmith over on IPath BMX. Turns out Chester learned how to survive in the outdoors way before it was cool.

Brendan Vail @ Random


Chester Blacksmith Digs it!


Here’s Chester Blacksmith on the new DIG. Click HERE for a preview of what’s inside.



When images of the upcoming Chet Blacksmith Troop re-issues surfaced recently, I got stoked since the Troops were my favorite Loteks (remember the brown with the gumsoles?).

Anyway, the new denim and leather midtop Chet versions will be around in Fall time. Keep an eye on the Lotek site for info.

Click below for the full pic.


Shola and Lotek

It looks like Rich and Bruce are going to be working together in some capacity on Bruce’s new colthing/ video venture, Shola. There is a new Shola trailer floating around it it’s quite epic. I know the video is going to be nuts and I can’t wait to see what comes from the Lotek/Fremont & Shola linkup!

Check out the new Shola trailer after the jump – READ MORE