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Wild is the Wind

Wild in the Wind is a new project I worked on with Chad Moore for Dazed and Confused. Chad shot the photos that are featured as an editorial in the October issue of Dazed and I shot a film to go along with the article.

Super happy with how the whole project turned out and it was great to work with Chad! We’ve been friends for ages (I actually met him at Woodward when he was a camper and I was working there almost 10 years ago). Keep reading to see the film and the rest of the photos and check out the whole thing on the Dazed site.


Sigur Rós Varúð video by Ryan McGinley

Sigur Rós reached out to a handfull of people to create music videos for their latest album. Giving everyone the same budget and complete creative freedom, there have been some really interesting videos so far.

The latest video was shot by photographer Ryan McGinley and features a girl with no shoes (or pants) skipping all over New York City while wearing a gold wig that sparkles. Kind of a random description, but it’s a really great video. Our good friend Chad Moore worked on the video as producer and first camera… and I can’t forget to mention that every shot was filmed from a rooftop.

You can watch the video above and learn more about the project as well as watch all the other films that have been shot so far no the Sigur Rós website.

Chad Moore Poster

Our good friend and Defgrip contributor Chad Moore has a poster online for sale. It's only $20 and it's huge (36×24), so you should definitely pick one up!

Check it out on Glassine Box


Chad Moore

Chad Moore has a new website up with a bunch of new work including the photos he shot for the Oakley / Chase Hawk project. Check it out!


Oakley / Chase Hawk Photogallery

To go along with the Oakley / Chase Hawk video, Chad Moore shot a series of photos that follow the theme of the project. Documenting Chase on and off his bike the photos capture what went down over the span of a few days this past summer in Austin, TX.


The Last People Point of View

The Last People have a great feature going on their site, titled Point Of View, and they happen to feature a bunch of our friends! They currently have POV’s with Andrew McMullen, Chad Moore, Ryan Bailey, and Scott Marceau! You can check them all out and more on their features page.


Quick 605 Ditch Edit

Last week I was in L.A. working on some projects with Chad Moore and during our down time we got to chill with Nuno and Mike Ardelean. It’s always rad when a bunch of us from Defgrip get to meet up and we made the best of our time together by riding some chill spots and eating at some dialed restaurants.

I didn’t really have any intentions on filming anything or putting an edit together, but I ended up messing around with some shots at the 605 ditch and threw a quick edit together last night. We all met up at Odyssey and headed to the ditch… It was Jim Bauer, Nuno, Ardelean, Luis Pinzon, Maicol Chaves, Ryan Quinones, Chad Moore and me… The edit is super short, with a few clips of Chad, Mike and Jim, but the session was dope. Nothing better than riding with your friends at a quiet spot on a sunny day!


New York in January Pt. 2

Check out part 2 of our NY photogallery featuring photos from Chad Moore, Andrew McMullen, and Ryan Bailey! If you missed it, check out part 1 here.


Chad Moore Interview on ESPN

chad moore photography espn interview

Photographer Chad Moore has a really good interview on ESPN conducted by Nick Ferreira. Chad talks about BMX, Florida, New York, and what it’s like working for famed photographer Ryan McGinley.


Chad Moore Update

chad moore photography

Photographer Chad Moore just updated his website and got a blog going (look for it in the top right corner).


The Snake Lounge


So, like six years ago, I was a councilor at Woodward for way too long. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I’m pretty sure I was there for six weeks. Anyway, one week there was this kid, that for what ever reason, thought I looked like Michael Bolton from Office space and would call me that all day. He was pretty cool, so I let it slide. Years have passed and I have completely forgot about the whole thing, when the other day, I get an email from someone named Scott Marceau telling me about a blog he has with Chad Moore and Ryan Bailey, who also happen to be his roommates in Brooklyn. It turns out Scott was the kid who called me Michael Bolton and it also turns out that their blog is amazing. In his email he pretty much denounces the blog, saying it’s a complete joke, but I found a lot of enjoyment in their posts like “spnxr spencerllyodwohlrab” or a t-shirt design that says “my facial hair is red and so are half of my”. And yes, I did type that in to see if it actually exists and yes it actually does. To sum things up, I really enjoy some total randomness on the web in the midst of all the seriousness and these guys are definitely having fun. Also, if you are looking for a place to crash in New York this summer, “The Snake Lounge” aka “Snakes Inn” will let you stay for $200 a week… But I think you have to pass a test before they will let you in….

Check out The Snake Lounge here.

Chad Moore


While we are on the topic of point and shoot photography, Chad Moore, who is currently living in NYC, just hit me up with a link to his new portfolio site.

Check out Chad Moore’s photos here.