Cycling, Cameras and Cats w/ Sandy Carson

Sandy Carson is no stranger to Defgrip, so here’s a cool piece on him courtesy of Fairdale Bikes.

David Burnett’s Camera Bag

I always love nerding out about camera gear and while I was doing research on the Think Tank roller bags, I stumbled across this video with photographer David Burnett sharing the contents of his camera bag. He has a great selection of digital and film cameras and I love how the photos that he’s shot with each camera as he is talking about them. It’s a bit lengthy, but definitely worth the watch!

Incase Camera Collection

Incase has released a new series of camera bags. Always on the look out for new ways to travel with my gear and the fact that I’m usually riding around with my bike, their new DSLR Pro Pack really caught my eye. With enough room for a full setup, as well as computer/ipad storage, I’m already sold. My favorite feature is the quick access top zipper that enables you to be able to grab your camera from the main pouch with out having to open your whole bag up. Perfect!

Vincent Laforet’s Gear

If you are into camera gear, like I am, then you’ll be into this update on Vincent Laforet’s site. Along with a video of a HDDLSR setup he used on a recent shoot, there’s a big updated gear section on his site breaking down all the gear he uses, what he uses it for, along with some pros and cons. For someone like me who has one SLR and a few lenses, this is pretty mind blowing to see all the stuff that he uses (and I believe he owns most of his gear), but it’s pretty cool to get an inside look into the gear of a top professional.


Tokyo Camera Style

I came across this link to Tokyo Camera Style on Yimmy the other day and what can you really say? It’s an amazing blog (with an extreme nerd level) that strictly showcases photographers holding their cameras. If you are a regular reader of Defgrip, you know we have a major soft spot for all types of cameras… There’s something about them that can easily draw me in, loosing an entire work day, not looking at actual photos, but photos of cameras, thus making Tokyo Camera Style a gift and a curse.


Praktica Super TL

praktica super tl 35mm film camera

I was just in Bratislava, Slovakia with my wife Michaela, visiting her family. Michaela was born there and lived there until she was about 10, but hasn’t been back in something like 15 years… This was my first trip to Slovakia and the first time meeting her family over there. They couldn’t speak much English and I can’t speak a word of Slovakian, but one thing they could figure out with out talking to me, was that I was into photography. After Michaela’s uncle saw the little red logo on my Leica D-Lux 3, he could tell I was into cameras.


Contax G2


I just got a Contax G2 and did a post about it on my personal blog. Nuno and I have been having a lot of discussions about what we should post on Defgrip vs. our personal sites and we decided I should run this post here. I’m super psyched on my G2 and you can read all about why I picked the camera up after the jump as well as check out some of the first photos I shot with it.


Jeff Z Point and Shoot


When I posted about point and shoot cameras last week, a lot of people brought up the Olympus Stylus Epic as a good option to a Contax T2 or a Yashica T4. Yesterday, Jeff Z posted a rad post on his blog in the Ride site with a bunch of photos he shot with an Olympus Stylus Epic. I guess he got his for $5 on Craigslist, which is crazy because they were going for like $50+ on ebay! Most of the photos I’ve seen from Jeff have been more staged shots with his SLR’s or medium format cameras, so it’s rad to see more candid stuff from him. Hopefully he posts more p&s stuff, cus these photos are rad!

Check a bunch of photos on is blog here.

Point and Shoot

PK 03 - ADV DOPPIE.indd

As the readers of Defgrip already know, we are all big fans of the whole point and shoot style of photography. Almost everyone that contributes to Defgrip has a point and shoot and while it may not always be my main camera, I do use one a lot. I acquired a Yashica T4 from David Lang about 7 months ago, but on my way to the airport in Las Vegas, I left it in the back of a town car. I have put off picking a new one up, so I could spend more time with my other cameras, but the time has come and and I’m on the hunt for a new point and shoot. At the moment, I’m leaning towards a Contax T2 over a new Yashica T4 and while I was doing some research, I came across this great article form 2002, in the now defunct Face magazine, about the whole point and shoot movement in fashion photography. If you are into anything Terry Richardson does, you need to read this article and google some of the names in it because there’s some great history and even better photographers like Mario Testino, Jurgen Teller, Corinne Day, and most notably Nan Goldin, (who is quoted in the article “arguably the biggest influence on fashion photography in the past 15 years”) that have really pushed the whole point and shoot thing to where it is today.

Check it out here.

Nikon D-90 SLR 24p HD!

This might be old news to some people but I just found out Nikon just released a 12.3 MP SLR and it shoots 24p HD movies! From the example footage I see here I am really impressed, obviously you shoot through 35mm lenses so that opens up all the doors, how convenient!  the only thing that I’m curious about is audio. Plus its neat to see riding footage at a Seattle spot even!