New Year’s Drive — Photo Dump

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On the first day of every year, a hundred or so Porsche enthusiasts meet up for an early morning coffee in the Valley and then move swiftly through some amazing empty mountain roads while southern California sleeps.

A special thank you to all who get wasted on New Year’s Eve and make this beautiful experience possible every year.

Here’s an iPhone pic dump for all of you who enjoy Porsches new and old. Pics by (and of) Ryan Fudger, Dave Mavro, Jim Bauer, Brett Rubin, Matt Crooke and yours truly.


Disposed: United X Eclat ‘High & Bound’

Paul Robinson sent over a really dope disposed from the United X Eclat ‘High & Bound’ trip from LBC – San Francisco. The full edit, microsite including 2nd edit, and Albion article will be out August 1st, but keep reading to check out a first hand look on the trip through the eyes of a disposable camera. p.s. thanks to Paul Robinson for the dope collaging layouts!


Photogallery: Mutiny X Etnies Battle Los Angeles

Here’s a photogallery from Mutiny’s recent trip to California, courtesy of Cody Nutter.

Consider this is a little warm up for another great Joe Simon edit. Check back in a few days for that beauty.

Click below.


Photogallery: Dean’s Pool Party!

Dean Dickinson’s Pool Party went down yesterday at the Pink Motel in Sun Valley California.

Dean rented out the spot to celebrate his 100th pool and invited a bunch of people to shred and hang. Surprisingly, the invite only warning was adhered to pretty well, as the session was chill and there was no need to turn anyone away. I assumed that half of LA would turn up, but not so.

The setup was pretty wild as the Pink Motel is a functioning Motel with a throwback vibe, that also has an un-operational Diner on the property. The Diner is mainly used for movie/commercial and photo shoots, but serves no actual food. The owner actually opened it up and let me in too. There’s a junkyard on the property and the abandoned pool is in the back lot. It’s a wild scene, but pretty interesting.

I was on hand a shot a few photos throughout the day. Click below to check those out.



It’s been quite unusual around So. Cal the last few days. Not really unusual to most parts of the world, but if you live here, it’s like the end of the world is coming. It ain’t all sunshine all the time, haha…

Anyway, a pretty gnarly storm came through today with lots of rain and wind. I grew up on the east coast so I can attest that it was pretty gnarly. I was even kinda scared. We had a power outage and some spots even had Tornado warning’s. Like I said, end of the world type shit.

In addition to all that, some spots have flooded big time which Fat Tony did a good job of documenting in Long Beach, CA.

Autophoto: Jeff Zielinski

What better way to kick off 2010 than with an Autophoto from Jeff Zielinski?

Without a doubt, Jeff Z is one of the best photographers in BMX and we are proud to bring this feature to you. Jeff wanted to do a “Long Beach, CA” themed Autophoto and has provided us with a good mix of assorted photographs on the subject.

Click through and enjoy. Happy New Year!


80’s BMX Jam

80s bmx jam

There’s an “80’s Freestyle BMX Jam” going down at Da Compound on December 19th in Lake Perris, Ca. It’s going to be all 80’s all day, so if you into that check out the flyer and info after the jump. There is going to be a bunch of fun contests, like the longest hang five, most pinky squeaks, most whiplashes, and highest air.



The 2009 OS-BMX jam will go down on June 6th in Arcadia, CA. There will be bikes, ramps, and a designated area for flatland too. Click below for all the info.

Thanks to Chad Johnston for the flyer.



Kink AZ and CA from Kink Bike Co. on Vimeo.

Filmed and edited by Darryl Tocco.


Volume Bikes-Jason Enns’ Day in the Life from VOLUME/DEMOLITION on Vimeo.

Jason Enns recently moved to California from Canada, and here is “A Day in the Life” courtesy of Volume.

Bonus on the dog humping footage.

Corey & Nathan in California

Corey Martinez and Nathan Williams just spent some time in California. We posted a video of them at the DVS warehouse last week, but I was just checking Corey’s blog and I was psyched on Cory’s photos. I just want to know more about that stuff that James Cox found in the bushes…

Check out Corey’s blog here.

MacNeil in California

Jay Miron, Travis Collier, Chris Martindale and I just took a trip down to LA for the Nike show and to hang out with Gary Young. I just posted a bunch of photos.

Check all the pics out here.