Mike Hoder

Here are a couple random photos of Mike Hoder from last week. Nothing better than a late summer day in New York with nothing to do but cruise around the city.


Joey Piazza

A quick pic of Joey Piazza in Brooklyn from a few weeks back.


Summer in Brooklyn: 1974

Looking back on a different time is always interesting.

I just came across THIS collection of photographs taken in Brooklyn during the summer of 1974, which have all the elements of old New York. Times change, and you can bet that Brooklyn now is way different than Brooklyn in 74.

— Photographer Danny Lyon spent two months snapping pictures of the daily life in the borough — exploring Bushwick, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Fort Green and Park Slope among other neighborhoods.

Check out the pics HERE.

BMX Night at House of Vans

Cult teamed up with Vans to present the first BMX night at the House of Vans, a private skatepark in Brooklyn, NY. If you are in the area you should definitely make it out because it’s going to be a rad night! Check the full info after the jump.


New York in January pt.1

Check out part 1 of a 2 part photogallery series from New York.


Fully Fitted

After three amazing weeks in Brooklyn, I’m back in Vancouver with a million things to catch up on! The sun is shining and things are good on the west coast. Good music is always key for a productive work day, so if you are like me and need to get your ass in gear, check out some great tracks and mixes on Fully Fitted, a blog run by Alex XXXChange, Pase Rock and a handful of other great DJ’s!

Scott Marceau

Scott Marceau is another great photographer from the Snake Lounge crew. This post is definitely many years over-due, but none-the-less Scott has some amazing work and I really love all his Polaroids. Lately Scott has been pushing the Flip Cam movement and was responsible for the much-loved edit for his site Push it a Stop.


The Snake Lounge

Through a reliable source, I heard The Snake Lounge blog might be making a come back. With some new posts popping up like “The Daily Babe” and “Babies Behaving Badly” things are looking good!

Check out the Snake Lounge Blog here.

Morning Breath Inc.

The guys at Morning Breath from Brooklyn, NY have updated with a new website. The site is more of a blog format with a SERIOUS archive of all their work showcasing everything from their current poster work to their old Jay-Z album covers! Make sure to spend some time on their site and keep reading to check out some of their work. p.s. Andrew and I are out in Brooklyn, so if anyone reading this from NY, hit us up!


Defgrip Original – Ed David

Getting back on track with the Defgrip Originals, we plan to bring you consistent pieces from here on out. To kick things off, we caught up with Ed David, Director of Photography, who was behind the lens on the much loved “Martin The Tailor” and “The Archive” videos. We are extremely excited about this piece and can’t wait to bring you more original content!


Jody Rogac Photography


Photographer Jody Rogac has updated with a new website as well as some amazing new work. Since posting on Jody over a year ago, I’ve been checking her blog on a semi-regular basis and every time I go there, she has a great collection of new photos — whether they are random snapshots or outtakes from photo shoots — the work is always well edited with impeccable taste.


Contributing Editor


Contributing Editor, an amazing online magazine that we’ve written about before, just posted a great photo series from the Afro-Punk festival in Brooklyn shot by Atisha Paulson.



Grotesk is an artist/designer that I’ve been psyched on for a while now. I really like his style. It’s simple, fun and definitely signature. I especially like anything that has text involved. With that said, Click below to check out a quick Q&A with Grotesk.

Also, Be sure to check out the new Juxtapoz, which happens to have a nice feature on Grotesk as well.



faile art collective brooklyn poster collage

Faile is an art collective out of Brooklyn that is one part Canadian, one part American and one part Japanese. Their work is very pop art and collage influenced and I really love all their installations, especially the wood cut pieces. (via QBN)

Check out more of Faile’s work after the jump – READ MORE

Ryan Bailey Photography

ryan bailey photography

Ryan Bailey, another great photographer residing in the infamous Snake Lounge in Brooklyn, has updated his portfolio. He’s got a great mix of people/hot girls, landscapes, and some BMX photos.

Check his portfolio here and check out some shots after the jump – READ MORE