Broc Raiford is our next victim in our FIVES series.

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Fast & Loose shredder / photographer Matt Cordova shares some of his favorite snaps from 2019.

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…It’s like he was never off his bike with a leg injury for a while.

Travis Mortz @ Random

broc raiford, traviz mortz photo

This Photo was taken during the Mongoose jam at Woodward. Broc and I had already shot a few photos earlier in the week so when the contest started I focused on photographing him and a few other riders in the event instead of chasing around everybody the whole time for a shot. After watching Broc do some practice runs I learned his line and was able to anticipate this shot ahead of time. His first run he tossed an effortless truck driver off the top of the ledge, I shot it a bit early, then in his second run he charged at the ledge again and I knew it wouldn’t be another bar variation so I sat back and waited. As soon as he threw the whip my finger reacted and I captured this photo.

This photograph was shot at 1/500th @F8 using my Hasselblad 503CW on Ilford Delta 100, promptly after shooting the contest I went into the digital media lab and started developing this film while Darryl Nau was still outside announcing the winners. Once the film was processed I scanned it with an Epson V700.

– Travis Mortz

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Broc & Hoang’s Ecuadorian Adventure

Watch Broc and Hoang all up in Ecuador laying down some moves, climbing hills and avoiding cars!!!

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Odyssey BTS 2013 Softgoods

New Odyssey softgoods, featuring Hoang Tran and Broc Raiford in Ecuador.

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ODSY VISION: Broc Raiford in HB


Broc Raiford for Dan’s Comp

A dope edit from Stew Johnson welcoming Broc Raiford to the Dan’s Comp team shot in a day at a few different parks. I always think it’s crazy to see amazing skateparks totally empty… And even crazier to see dudes get kicked out of empty parks…

On This Date Last Year…

We premiered the Odyssey Palm Springs trip edit.

Wallpaper: Broc Raiford

broc raiford, wallpaper, art, defgrip

If you follow Broc Raiford on Instagram, than you know the dude likes to draw. If you’re a fan of tattoo style images, you are doubly in luck. I knew Broc would be a great candidate to whip up a wallpaper for us, so I hit him up to do so.

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Yeah Broc!

Broc Raiford for Volume.

Filmed and edited by Mike Mastroni

ODSY-VISION: Broc Raiford

Broc Raiford for Odyssey.