Mornings At Grant : Brian Kachinsky


Mornings at grant_14

It’s no secret that Chicago got a new skatepark in the heart of the city at Grant Park. Dew Tour invaded it a month or so ago and I’m sure there will be more jams and contests held there in the future. My work schedule leaves me to mainly be getting in some early morning sessions and I have been meeting up with some of the dudes here in the city to get some morning coffee and bmx in before we start our normal day.  I felt this would be a great place to share some photos for an ongoing pseudo series that I’ve been shooting with some of the dudes here in the city, some known and some unknown.

Click below to scope out BK getting it in while most are on their morning commute.


Archived: BK roof session

Brian roof bar uic

Before summer became winter and we skipped fall here in Chicago, I explored some roof set ups with Kachinsky.

Archived: Brian Kachinsky

BK Nollie switch ice1

BK with a nollie to switch ice on a tight wall/rail set up during the spring time.

Archived: Matthias Dandois

Matthias Roof2_Timothy-Burkhart

Matthias Dandois rolled through Chicago to take part in some Bakery projects last summer and during his time in town we got to shoot some photos on the roof of the Bakery. Kachinsky had a stage built by the midwest’s favorite carpenter, the one and only Jeff K for Mathias to shred on and he didn’t disappoint. It was an amazing shoot and I had a hell of a time hanging off the edge of the top of the roof to get some crazy angles; it was a great summer day spent with some new and old friends. This photo never really had a home, so I figured it was best to share it here.

Archived: Brian Kachinsky


I shot this photo of BK last spring on the Chicago lakefront, an alternate angle was used for a DK ad, but this one never seen the light of day…so I figured I’d post it up here.

Justin Kosman @ Random

justin kosman photo, brian kachinsky, vans, defgrip

Date: 12/10/13
Time: 3:42:23 PM
Phoenix, AZ
Model: Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Lens : 50mm
ISO: 250
Aperture: 5
Shutter: 1/50

Brian Kachinsky’s bloody shoe print from our first Vans shoot in December.


By The Numbers: Brian Kachinsky

brian kachinsky, andrew brady pic, defgrip, bmx, chicago, interview

We’ve written down 100 random questions and assorted topics, all of which are unbeknownst to our victims. We will be asking people to pick 20 random numbers from 1-100 and then supplying them with those questions/topics to answer. Who knows what might come up!?!?!

Up next is Chicago’s own Master Baker, Brian Kachinsky.


Brian Kachinsky Primo 2013

Does anyone expect anything else but hammers from BK? I don’t think anybody makes gap to rails look as effortless as he does. Guy is just a beast!!!

Brian + Kachinsky = Savagery in yo Face

Get punched in the face HERE.

Kachinsky behaving beast like.

Random Facts about the CKI.

The Chad Kerley Invitational went down last weekend at the Bakery. In my opinion it was a great success. It was a simple concept that generated some great progressive riding, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves throughout. In case you missed any of it, check out THESE TWO edits.

I hit up Brian Kachinsky and Chad Kerley to supply some random facts about the event, so click below to check that out.

Thanks to David Leep for the photos.


Brian Kachinsky: Recovery

A few years ago when Brian was midway through filming for his Props interview, he suffered an ACL tear in his knee which sidelined him for a little bit. Being the trooper he is, BK was determined to finish the project and took the necessary steps to keep riding despite this injury. Keeping his leg muscles strong and his Cti knee brace allowed him to keep kicking ass over the past few years. However, this year his knee started to bother him enough that he met with his doctor to start getting things sorted out. In efforts to get his knee back up to 100% and prevent further damage in the future, he recently had surgery to repair his torn ACL.

Brian will be off his bike for the coming months but David Leep recently caught up with him to see what he’s been doing to cope.

From Kachinsky:
“I have some time off my bike this winter due to a very recent surgery and am already on the road to recovery. I have an awesome doctor, physical therapist, fun projects and great friends who keep me occupied. On top of all this I have plenty of silly things to keep my spirits up.”

Click below to see how BK is keeping busy during his recovery.


Random Twitpics: Deebo Edition

Here’s Brian Kachinsky and Brian Tunney with Deebo at X-Games this weekend.

Courtesy of @bkachinsky and @espn_BMX

Kachinsky’s Etnies: A detailed look

I ain’t gonna lie, the insoles really make this shoe for me. The overall shoe looks great, but I think the insoles are a perfect detail for a Kachinsky shoe. Nice one!

Click below to check out some detailed shots of BK’s Jameson 2 Mid courtesy of David Leep, as well as a sweet promo from Etnies.


Interview: Brian Kachinsky

If the term “pro-as-fuck” applies to anyone, it’s Brian Kachinsky. When I sent him this interview for example, he hammered out the bare bones of it immediately while in transit to Wisconsin (he wasn’t driving though, that would have been extra impressive/dangerous) on his laptop. But on top of that, BK has a great image, knows how to represent his sponsors well and has the great riding (and brutal slams) to back it all up. Oh, lets not forget about The Bakery

Click below to check out my interview with Brian Kachinsky.

Thanks to Andrew Brady and David Leep for the pics.

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