Almost on this date last year…


Nov. 23rd to be exact. We posted our Q&A with Stew Johnson about BF-it (Brian Foster doc.). Read up.

If you still haven’t seen BF-it, you’re missing out. Be sure to pick up a copy asap.

Q&A: Stew Johnson & BF-it

Chrissy Piper Photo

Stew Johnson has taken on the task of heading up a documentary on Brian Foster, one of the most respected and all around legends of BMX. That’s not blog intro fluff, BF is a cot damn respected BMX legend and awesome individual. The documentary is aptly named, BF-it.

Stew has been secretly (as best as he could) working on this doc for the better part of this year, and the final outcome is fantastic. I tip my hat to Stew for putting BF-it together and to BF for being BF. I have since seen BF-it after sending these questions to Stew and I can’t wait for fans of BMX to see it.

Click below to check out a Q&A with Stew Johnson about it all.


BRIAN FOSTER: 30 Years Ago Today

Brian Foster recently hit me up with the attached photo and notified me that his 30 year racing anniversary was coming up. Legend.

Click below to read all about it from the man himself!


Frenchys Trail Trip with BF

Check out this rad edit with Brian Foster in France on the Frenchys Trail Trip!


Print Ad: Fit Bikes

Fit sent through their latest ad from Ride US. Classic!

Click below to check it out. Shouts to Jeff Z.



Just watch this.

Video by Tom Arkus, VIA ESPN.

Print Ad: Fit Bikes

Brian Foster is awesome, and this photo is awesome. Seen in Ride US. Click below.

Thanks to Fit Bikes.


BF Flip Book

There’s a rad flip book with a bunch of BF photos on the Fit site… Check it out here.