Here is a roundup of some favorite photos from 2019.  They include shots from a visit home to Catty Woods; a trip to Orcas Island; a road trip to Tahoe, Utah, and Boise shooting new projects and helping with the build at Woodward Park City for Alpine Bike Parks; scenes from here in the PNW; and probably my favorite thing to shoot – Swampfest, which I had published in Victory Journal, Issue 17: “Outliers” (2019).  I also just released a zine called Groundbreaker commemorating the two Portland trail spots that were plowed. The original print run of 100 copies sold very quickly.  I’m currently feeling out doing a second print run for those who missed out.  Also hoping to build a new trail spot this year, and hence have some trails to shoot!



Casual Encounters

casual encounters, brian barnhart, zine, photography

Brian Barnhart has put together a zine featuring photos from his travels in the Pacific Northwest. Fans of travel and photography should give it a look. Prints are available as well.

Casual Encounters can be viewed and/or purchased HERE.

Brian Barnhart

Brian Barnhart has updated his portfolio site. Eyeball the goods HERE.

Carne Mag

Ricky Adam (see below) has notified me that he’s also just been featured in something called Carne Mag, which I have never heard of.

I went to the site, downloaded issue 2 and proceeded to be fully blown away by all the great stuff that’s featured. Carne Mag is a monthly digital magazine (yes, flippy pages) and I think it’s one of the better ones I’ve ever come across. First of all, it took a few minutes to download the issue, but I didn’t have to wait for any pages to load when I was checking out the mag so it was worth it. In addition, the whole thing looks really nice and is easy/quick to navigate.

Carne Mag features a good mix of photography, art, design and is definitely worthy of a check out if you are into those things. As an added surprise, Brian Barnhart is also featured in issue 2.


The Last People crew have a new site going. Check it out HERE.

Thanks to Brian Barnhart for the heads up.