Cool Story Bro: Brandon Hoerres

Brandon is next up for the “Cool Story Bro” treatment. Nicely done indeed.

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Mutiny in Milwaukee

Mikey Luplow, George Boyd, Grant Casteluzzo, Mike Hinkens & Brandon Hoerres recently took a trip to Milwaukee to film some Mutiny action. George whipped up the edit and Gregory Dickson hooked up the photos.

Thanks to Gaz and everyone involved for hooking us up with this.

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Brandon Hoerres Bio

In case you weren’t aware, Brandon Hoerres is an absolute beast. Thanks to Props for continuing to upload these gems.

Mutiny in Barcelona

Last month Justin Simpson, Brandon Hoerres, Josh Bedford and Rubio all hit up Barcelona to see what all the fuss is about.


Disposed: Mutiny in Barcelona

Justin Simpson, Rubén Rodríguez, Brandon Hoerres and Josh Bedford all recently took a trip to Barcelona to film for an upcoming Mutiny edit, which should be out in 2 weeks or so.

Justin was on camera duty, so click below to check out the photos.


Hoerres & Castelluzzo Mutiny Edit

Check out Brandon and Grant tearing up Milwaukee. Doing it for Mutiny.


Brandon Hoerres from GrantC on Vimeo.

This will mark my first post due to finding useful info while checking my twitter, via Mutinybikes.