Union Press

Last week I received an envelope in the mail which contained the first issue of “Union Press” (seen above). It came from Prashant Gopal who usually flows his YO SICK zine my way, so I was extra surprised to see that it was something different. It was Union Press, a publication for the Canadian scene.

Union Press is a collaborative project that Brad Hill (BMXFU) and Prashant Gopal (Yo Sick) have been working on, and it is definitely awesome. Nice layout, photos, illustrations and articles printed up on newsprint, puts this a respectful step above your everyday zine. When folded out, you get posters as well. We saw the ALYK dudes do something similar for Still Here too. Awesome!

I admire the fact that people are going above and beyond for their scene, Good job!

You can find more info/pics HERE, and buy it HERE and eventually HERE I’m sure.