Ralph Gibson

I have had “The Photography Book” for years, which if you haven’t seen it, is basically a big ass book filled with amazing photographs from hundreds of different photographers. 500 pages deep, each page features a different photographer which adds up to a serious amount of classic and historic photos. Since the book is so big, it’s always sat at the bottom one of my book stacks and I haven’t looked at it for years. The other day, I was re-organizing and brought it out. It’s been sitting on my desk for the past week and I’ve been digging through it again, making it through a few pages each day.

I’ve been re-discovering a lot of great photographers and somehow got suck on Ralph Gibson‘s work. After stoping on his page in the book, I went to his site and spend a log time looking through his impressive archive dating back to the early 60’s. Focussing on light and shadows, I’m in love with his high-contrast black and white images. Keep reading to check out a handfull of slects, and if you don’t own The Photography Book, it’s definitely worth the purchase!


Dallas Clayton

Author Dallas Clayton hit us up with some info about his new book. His first book — An Awesome Book — was a major hit and to follow it up, Dallas just released An Awesome Book of Thanks. While I was browsing his site, I came a cross this rad clip from the new Joaquin Phoenix film I’m Still Here, where Joaquin is actually reading from Dallas’ book. I can’t wait to see that movie and I also can’t wait to check out Dallas’ new book. Keep reading to check out a little video about An Awesome Book of Thanks as well as the Joaquin Phoenix clip and you can get all the info about Dallas Clayton and his new book on his website!


Rebelyell The Book

The guys at Rebelyell have just released issue 9 of their magazine… But this issue is more than a standard magazine. It’s their “Book Issue” and  it’s a 200 page, perfect bound, coffee table style book stacked with great photos, awesome design, and amazing content. Check out a preview of the issue after the jump and check out their website for more info.


Mountains Book – Now In Stock!


We posted on Brooks Reynolds book  “Mountains” in October and now we are excited to announce you can buy the book for only $8 (plus shipping) from the Defgrip online store! You can get all the info about the book on the Mountains website and you can also check out a bunch of photos from our post here.

Click to buy Mountains from our online store!

The Making of Fantastic Mr Fox


Pentagram just posted some images of a book they designed for Wes Anderson’s new film, Fantastic Mister Fox. The book gives you an inside look into what it took to create the characters in the movie, showing all the fun stuff like character sketches, swatches, inspiration and notes from Wes Anderson. The book was published by Rizzoli and you can check out the full post on the Pentagram blog.


Brooks Reynolds – Mountains

brooks reynolds mountains photography book

Photographer Brooks Reynolds spent seven weeks traveling through America on a photo expedition shooting pictures of the people and places that inspire him. The results ended up in a 96 page book title “Mountains” that showed up in my mailbox the other day. The book is beautifully laid out with nice un-coated paper, spot varnish on the font and back cover and the photography is even more impressive. With some familiar and unfamiliar faces Brooks not only photographs, but write about the people he has come in contact with. Along with the photo essays, there are other features in the book, including a wonderful illustration profile on Jackie Musial.  You can check out all the info on the Mountains website and make sure to pick up a copy – it’s available for only $8!

Read the rest of the post for some images of the book as well as a short video showcasing Mountains.


Josef Hoflehner’s Jet Airliner

josef hoflehner jet airliner

Photographer Josef Hoflehner has a new book out title Jet Airliner. The book is a series of black and white photos shot on Maho Beach right under the Princess Juliana International Airport in St. Maarten, Dutch West Indies. The photos are extremely breathtaking and I couldn’t imagine being at that beach, let alone how loud it would be! (via iconology).

Check out some photos after the jump as well as a few videos of planes landing at the airport!


Rad Rides The Best of BMX Book

rad rides best of bmx book

Inercity, the London based design studio and authors of Art & Sole, are working on a BMX book that will showcase all types of BMX bikes.

“Rad Rides: The Best of BMX (working title) looks to explore the world of BMX through photographs of bikes and Q&As with their owners. Some of the bikes are knackered, well worn by owners that have been riding for years. Others are beautiful, sculptural works of art, built but never ridden as a keepsake. Why are these bikes so sacred to their owners? What do these BMX riders do for a living? Where do they ride their bikes? What is it about the BMX that appeals to them? Is their bike a classic production bike or is it a custom build?”

They have an open call for entries going on until October 2009, so if you have a bike you’d like to submit, click here to download the call for entries PDF. To get an idea of what the book will be like, check out a few images from Art & Sole after the jump.


An Awesome Book!

Dallas Clayton An Awesome Book

An Awesome Book is a kids book from Dallas Clayton and as he puts it “it’s better than any book that’s ever existed”. You can see the whole book here, but keep reading for a preview and a wonderful video from Dallas Clayton himself!


Spike Jonze Zine


Independent book publisher Nieves just published a new zine with Spike Jonze. The zine is a small 24 page zine documenting the life of someone named orfan (orphan?) Sonny. I don’t know much abut Sonny, but I know Spike is amazing and I’d imagine this zine will sell out quick. Who’s excited for “Where The Wild Things are“… I know I am!

Check out the zine here.

Powerhouse Books


After Nuno posted the rad Q&A with Boogie last week, we got an awesome email from Sara Rosen of Powerhouse books (check out an interview with Sara on the Format site). Powerhouse is the publisher that published Boogies book “It’s All Good” as well as a million other amazing titles like the infamous “Back In The Days” by Jamel Shabazz. If you are looking for a good art book, Powerhouse is the place to go. The specialize in fine art, documentary, pop culture, fashion, and celebrity books and I guarantee, when you are on the site, you’ll see so many books you recognize. Along with publishing, they have an amazing store in New York, called The Powerhouse Arena, where the sell all their books as well as host portfolio reviews, parties, and events with authors.

Powerhouse is dope. Check out there site here!