In case you haven’t heard, S&M just put out a serious coffee table book entitled Behind The Shield. It covers all the key moments from their 30+ year history and its chock full of classic stories, rad photos, product info, old ads and plenty more. I bought a copy myself and I think its great. You can grab your own copy HERE.

I caught up with Chris Moeller to ask some questions about the project, so click below to read up.



Photographer, bike rider and witty Scotsman/Austinite Sandy Carson has a new photo book available, entitled I’ve Always Been a Cowboy in my Heart. Its 128 pages of casual, funny and interesting observations which span many years. Go HERE for more info and to order a copy.

We spoke to Sandy about the book, so click below for a Q&A and a few photos from the book.


Taj Mihelich – Bernie The Bike Builder

Taj Mihelich wrote a children’s book. Yes, that Taj Mihelich.

If Taj is one of your BMX heros and you now have a child, this book is for you. You should cop even if you don’t have a child. Go HERE for more info and hit OUR BMX for a Q&A with Taj.

Let's Go Get Cokes


Nick Ferreira is back with some new printed goods in the form of “Let's Go Get Cokes”.

From Nick:
Let's Go Get Cokes is a 24 page, 8.25″x10.5″, full-color artists' book in the style of bmx and skate magazines from the early 1990's. The glossy and well-worn photographs by an anonymous artist (a former pro-BMXer) are of skateboarders and BMXers – kids hanging out and learning tricks for the first time. The faces in the photos are unclear or cropped out, allowing the viewer to imagine their own adolescence.

Click below for some sample pics and go HERE to pick one up.


Available Now: Destroying Everything

Ricky Adam’s new photo book is available right now!

Through a well planned trans-atlantic liaison (Aaron Ross), I was able to receive an early copy this book shortly after Simple Session. Too much info I know, I just wanted to use the word “liaison” once in my life. Anyway…. you can bet your ass that if I’m posting this, than I enjoy this book. I’ve been a fan of Ricky Adam’s photos forever now, so I’m stoked to finally have this to put on my shelf. Thanks Ricky!

You can find this book in the US through S&M or FIT webstores.

Go HERE for a list of international distros.

Ricky Adam: Destroying Everything

Ricky Adam is all set to release a book in a month or two, and has a nice interview on DIG about it. Stoked that this is coming to fruition.

Ricky is one of my favorites, so this will be a treat.

For more Ricky, check out his Defgrip interview from 2010.

Trailer: You Won’t (100 Pools Book)

A trailer for a book? You bet, it’s 2011!!!!! Here’s one for Dean’s 100 Pools book. This has been a long time in the making, can’t wait to see it.

Dean Dickinson has broken his body, his bike, his bank account, and various laws in a quest to reach his personal goal of riding 100 pools. The title of his book—YOU WON’T—is a challenge laid down by some of Dean’s doubters. The reality is—Dean did it, and this project documents it all.

10 years of poached and permission pools are captured with hundreds of amazing images from iconic BMX photographers—Jared Souney, Justin Kosman, Jeff Zielinski, Ryan Fudger, Shad Johnson, and more. The stories pack 20 chapters and 200 pages. Eyewitness accounts with riders include such as Dakota Roche, Mike Tokumoto, Sean “Fish” Hoskins, Spencer and Austin McCabe, Chester Blacksmith, Brian Martyn, Kurt Rasmussen and countless others. Dean’s journey culminates with an epic session with all his friends at the iconic Pink Motel pool. The editorial team on the project includes Dickinson, Jared Souney, Mike Daily, and Mark Lewman. Presented by TEAM SHRALP. Dedicated to James Schiefelbein. Book coming soon!

-Dean Dickinson

Q&A : Sandy Carson / Paradise Has Relocated

Sandy Carson has put together a book documenting the aftermath of Hurricane Ike in Galveston, TX. The project was roughly 2 years in the making, and the resulting photographs are as eye-opening/shocking/wild as you can imagine. You can preview and buy the book HERE.

In addition, there will also be an art show at Okay Mountain on October 23rd, in Austin, TX. Hit that up if you can.

This project sounded interesting to me, so I threw Sandy some questions about it. Click below to check that out.