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Speaking of Bobby Simmons, shut up and click below to check out his Defgrip edit from 2011. Still one of my favorites ever.


Photogallery: RIP Tulsa


Last month I was fortunate enough to partake in a journey with several of my friends to Tulsa, Oklahoma. I had originally proposed the idea a month or more before the trip occurred and did not hear anything about it until a few days before. It was a surprise to me that it was actually occurring.

Scotty Wemmer, Bobby Simmons and Rob DiQuattro had all journeyed to Columbus to meet up with Scott Marceau and myself. From there the five of us had headed down to Louisville, Kentucky to stay the night at Jordan Stump’s house. In the morning Phil Bossmeyer and Tyler “Kid” Rembold had shown up after they had worked all night. The Word Crew (Jordan, Phil and Tyler) all work third shift and had little rest for the 10 hour adventure we had ahead of us. The 8 of us packed up the bags and bikes and then headed out west.

The photos taken documented the entire trip; Hotels to hospitals and everything in between.

Click below for more about our journey to the southwest.


Re-Up: Bobby Simmons / Defgrip edit

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…. I LOVE THIS EDIT.

Shouts to ALYK crew.

This is now open for embedding.

Bobby Simmons X Defgrip Edit

Straight up, this came out sick! I was itching to post this Bobby Simmons edit all week, but wanted to hold out for today so it could ride out the weekend. Bobby came through on this, and I’m super thankful for it. Be sure to pick up Still Here if you haven’t.

Shout out to Bobby, Scott Marceau, Brandon Galosi, Torey Kish & Jason White for making this happen.

Click below now!



bobby simmons

I tend to skip over a lot of the web videos posted on the come up, but I watched this one, and it was dope.

Click below to check out “Act Like You Know” with Bobby Simmons. Onion head bastards.

Speaking of TCU, check out a Q&A they got with Harry Main.