Biz on BMXFU Flow

Apparently “Biz’s BMXFU edit is so good even Defgrip’s gonna post it”… So what can we do other than throw this thing up??? I actually am not posting this based off that tweet… or even that fact that Biz is on “flow,” I’m posting this based off of Adam22’s rap. I could quote the lyrics, but they are so good that I’d just end up writing the whole song… Shit like this makes my day. Biz, Enns, BMXFU, Adam22 rapping… Can it get any better?

Keep reading to watch the video and check out a play-by-play breakdown of how this whole thing went down.


BMX FU Zine # 2

There’s nothing like some man/dog teamwork… The BMX FU crew just release the second issue of their zine as well as a new website. Check out the site here and the zine here!



Scott Barker from BMX FU just sent over a link to a zine with a bunch of photos and random BMX FU related stuff from the past year. Check it out!!