Easy On The Extras

Easy On The Extras is a new image blog that you should bookmark ASAP. Brought to you by good friend and Defgrip contributor, Mike Ardelean, you’ll find a great mix of cars, clothes, and other awesome stuff… with a focus on the cars. Spending time on the site is making me want a car again so bad… I haven’t been paying much attention to cars since I’ve been living in New York for the past few years… Just wishing I had a brownstone in the West Village with a secrete garage that could house a collection of vintage Porches… One day… hahah… For now, check out Easy On The Extras!

Know What’s Fucking Crazy?

This site has been keeping me entertained for months. Especially posts like this, this, and this.

Google Street View Blog

Just got linked to this amazing blog from designer Justin Thomas Kay’s Twitter. The blog — 9eyes.tumblr.com — is basically a compilation of random scenes and scenarios taken from Google street view. How these people (or person) have the time to find all these images is beyond me, but none the less… this will probably be the coolest thing you look at all day.



Corey Bohan by Harrison Boyce - click to enlarge

Corey Bohan has a new website up – coreybohan.com. The site has some photos and a bunch of videos and it looks like he’s going to be keeping the blog updated on a regular basis. Check it out!

Kenneth Cappello’s Blog

With a new layout and a random mix of magazine covers and cell phone pics, photographer Kenneth Cappello‘s new blog has held my image browsing attention since I first clicked on the new site yesterday. Checking out a few pages every hour or so, there’s an endless mix of new and old client work, behind the scenes photos, as well as a bunch of old random snapshots of Cappello and his friends and by the time you get 40 pages in, there’s definitely some interesting stuff. While his work is definitely impressive, I’m more drawn to the photos of the photos – seeing the photographer in action – For some reason this has always intrigued me… Maybe this is why I can’t stop looking at Cappello’s new blog?


Fully Fitted

After three amazing weeks in Brooklyn, I’m back in Vancouver with a million things to catch up on! The sun is shining and things are good on the west coast. Good music is always key for a productive work day, so if you are like me and need to get your ass in gear, check out some great tracks and mixes on Fully Fitted, a blog run by Alex XXXChange, Pase Rock and a handful of other great DJ’s!

The Snake Lounge

Through a reliable source, I heard The Snake Lounge blog might be making a come back. With some new posts popping up like “The Daily Babe” and “Babies Behaving Badly” things are looking good!

Check out the Snake Lounge Blog here.

Private Images


Just as I uploaded all the images for this post, I had a feeling that I might have already posted on Thomas Troelsen’s blog Private. I did a quick search and sure enough, I wrote about it last February. The first post didn’t have many images to go along with it, so rather than scrapping this update, I thought I’d a re-post with a bunch of images. Since last February, Private has continued to be a great source of inspiration and one of the small handfuls of sites that I actually get really excited to see pop up in my RSS reader.


Raptor Pit


“Observations of the development of identity, the eccentricities of human experience, and the methods in which these elements are manifested within our immediate environments.” That is the quote on the top of Hoang Trans new photo blog – Raptor Pit. Hoang has had the blog going for a week or so and has already uploaded some great shots in there. Hoang is a very talented guy on and off his bike, so make sure to check his site on a regular basis because I know you’ll see some great work!


Do It For The Fame


I’m not exactly sure how, but a few weeks ago, I came across this great minimal blog called Do It For The Fame. The site feels almost like your standard image blog, but the simple captions and artist credits, along with few multiple image posts mixed in here and there make it much more. With a focus on photography, along with a good mix of art and design, this site is definitely worth adding to your list of daily inspiration.


Freeman Transport

freeman transport

The guys over at Freeman Transport, the very stylish hand-built collapsible bikes, have updated with a new websites. Along with everything you’d expect from a site as well as an online store, they have a new “troops” section with a very impressive list of people who will be blogging on their site.

You can check out the new Freeman Transport site here.

A Time To Get


A Time To Get is a blog from Nick Maggio that contains a great mix of photos and stories from his life along with all the things that inspire his life. Nick takes a lot of photos and surprisingly they are shot with his iPhone. I was blown away when I saw them for the first time and I definitely think he wins the prize for best iPhone photos ever! haha. Check out a bunch of his photos after the jump and check out A Time To Get here.


Kenneth Cappello


You know when you have photos on multiple magazine covers on the news stand at one time, you are doing alright. That’s what happens on a regular basis with Kenneth Cappello. Cappello is a NY/LA based photographer who we’ve posted on Defgrip a few times before. Since the last time we posted on him, he’s added a blog to his site that has become a regular check for me. The blog isn’t updated as often as some people might like, but I almost like it better… Keeps me waiting eagerly for the next post. My favorite part about his blog is the behind the scenes photos… I just love seeing people in their working environment. I think it goes along right with seeing designers work spaces. What sparked this update was a recent posts of a all sorts of behind the scenes shots that you can check out here.

Check out Kenneth Cappello’s blog here.

All Day Every Night


If you are looking for some more daily inspiration, check out Defgrip contributor Marko Knezevic‘s site titled All Day Every Night.

“Some would consider it a blog site, but A.D.E.N. is a place not so much about talking about ourselves but a place where we can share all of the beautiful things we find on the web and out on the streets”

Check out All Day Every Night here.



Nuno Oliveira just launched his very own photoblog! He’s been taking a lot of photos over the past few years and will have some great stuff for his blog. The site will have a mix of all types of photos and as Nuno says “Some might be old, some might be new, some will be film, some will be from an iPhone, but they will most certainly all be random.”

Check out Olivejuuuuice here!