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80 Magazine

80 magazine vintage graphic print design catalogs manuals

80 Magazine is blog dedicated to vintage print design. The site is fairly new, but they have a great collection of images going already.



Materialicious architecture blog

One of the many (and one of my favorite) architecture/environmental design sites Materialicious recently switched up their site from a traditional blog, to more of a image blog. They seem to be posting way more and have some great links.

Check out Materialicious here.

Julien Strangler


Good shit… Keep an yet out for a photo from Chad Moore on the first page – Julien Strangler

Taj’s Blog

Taj just posted a pretty rad update on his blog on the Ride site. He cover a few different topics, but I was psyched to read that one of his topics, the whole BMX vs. Freestyle name debate, was sparked by our interview with Catfish! It’s definitely interesting to read what Taj has to say about the whole thing and it’s really cool to see what people think of what we are trying to do with our interviews!

Check Taj’s blog out here.