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Justin Kosman @ Random

I shot this grind to barspin with Biz last season while were were out doing some Verde stuff in Jason Enns’ neighborhood. Super chill day and nothing out of the ordinary except stomping through a horse corral to get here and a homeless guy sleeping under a tree a few feet away. Of course there were Mike Escamilla jokes flying left and right when were setting up the picnic table next to the monkey bars, but it was definitely a tribute to Mike’s school yard set-ups more than anything. This landing was a little bouncy which made it weird for Biz to land over and over, but first time he spun the bars we got the photo dipped out.

Justin Kosman


Features Tony Neyer, Drew York, Biz and Dave Thompson hitting the streets of Philly, Jersey and NYC.

So stoked on the Tribe song!

Biz / Verde / Naughty By Nature

Biz is now doing it for Verde. Here is his welcome edit. Dialed.

Bout time some Naughty By Nature made an appearance.

5’s With Biz

Click below to check out some Top 5’s from Biz, who is currently nursing a broken nose. Thanks to Castillo for the photo.


Biz on BMXFU Flow

Apparently “Biz’s BMXFU edit is so good even Defgrip’s gonna post it”… So what can we do other than throw this thing up??? I actually am not posting this based off that tweet… or even that fact that Biz is on “flow,” I’m posting this based off of Adam22’s rap. I could quote the lyrics, but they are so good that I’d just end up writing the whole song… Shit like this makes my day. Biz, Enns, BMXFU, Adam22 rapping… Can it get any better?

Keep reading to watch the video and check out a play-by-play breakdown of how this whole thing went down.


Biz I.D.

Biz has a rad I.D. feature up on the Volume site. Check it out!


Random Twitvid: Ryan Biz Jordan

First try! – via @glennppmilligan

BIZ: iPod Shuffle 10

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony – Thuggish Ruggish Bone
Sleater-Kinney – Dance Song 97
David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust
Black Sabbath – Iron Man
Hole – Malibu
Neil Young – Rockin in the Free World
Patty Smyth – Goodbye To You
The Doors – Break on Through
Eric Bourdon & the Animals – Goodtimes
Ol Dirty Bastard – Brooklyn Zoo

Disposed: Demolition-Cali to El Paso

Filming continues for the upcoming Demolition video, and this is the 2nd Disposed we’ve gotten from a filming trip. This recent trip ran from California to El Paso. Shouts to Doyle and Enns for getting this done.

Click below to check out the pics.


BMX Artifacts with Biz

Joe Cookie hit me up with a link to a video he did on the ESPN site. It’s called BMX Artifacts and for the first episode, he sat down with Biz at his parents house in Lynn, MA. Biz goes through his BMX career, talking about his current past sponsors, frames he rode, contests went to, and how is one Gravity Games medal compares to Bohans stacks of X-Games medals.

You can watch the video with Biz on ESPN.