Kyle Hart Bike Check

We normally don’t post bike checks, but this turndown photo was way too dope to pass up… Kyle Hart locking one in at Lahsaan Kobza’s “Secret Jam last weekend… Check out more pics and the full bike check on the Subrosa site.

Travis Collier Bike Check

david lang travis collier bike check

David Lang shot some amazing photos of Travis Collier’s bike for a bike check on the MacNeil site. Check out a few photos after the jump and click here for the full bike check.


Mike Ardelean Bike Check


There’s a bike check up on the Odyssey site with Mike Ardelean’s new Verde. Not sure how we missed it, but Nuno and Jim B have new bike checks on the Odyssey site as well.

Check the bike checks out here – Ardelean, Nuno, Jim B.