Almost on this date last year…


Nov. 23rd to be exact. We posted our Q&A with Stew Johnson about BF-it (Brian Foster doc.). Read up.

If you still haven’t seen BF-it, you’re missing out. Be sure to pick up a copy asap.

Q&A: Stew Johnson & BF-it

Chrissy Piper Photo

Stew Johnson has taken on the task of heading up a documentary on Brian Foster, one of the most respected and all around legends of BMX. That’s not blog intro fluff, BF is a cot damn respected BMX legend and awesome individual. The documentary is aptly named, BF-it.

Stew has been secretly (as best as he could) working on this doc for the better part of this year, and the final outcome is fantastic. I tip my hat to Stew for putting BF-it together and to BF for being BF. I have since seen BF-it after sending these questions to Stew and I can’t wait for fans of BMX to see it.

Click below to check out a Q&A with Stew Johnson about it all.