The Best of The Kink House

The Kink house has come and gone, and Tocco has put together this “best of” edit from their time out west.

Lots of quality bike handling in here.

Top 10 Posts of 2010

2010 was a great year for Defgrip. We got to work with a lot of amazing people to bring you lots of amazing content and we couldn’t be more thankful for all the support! I was actually pretty surprised by this years top 10. The posts that are in this list have been picked by how many times they have been viewed from Jan 1 2010 – Dec 31 2010. It’s a bit skewed because posts that went up towards the end of the year, don’t have as much time to gain views, but in general I think this list definitely sums up the year pretty well. I’m just really surprised what post was number 1… I’m pretty sure we have FFFFound and 1,000 of tumblers to thank for that. Keep reading to find out and also make sure to check the bonus top 20 posts at the end of the list…

Thanks for an amazing year and on to the next one!


The Decade’s 14 Biggest Design Moments

Fast Company has a year-end feature rounding up the 14 biggest moments in design from the past decade. While I’m not sure I agree with all of the choices, it’s pretty crazy to think back to the first time you saw an iPod, or the fact that Design With In Reach wasn’t around and everyone was driving huge SUV’s. You can also read a more in-depth feature on


Best of 2008 – Part 3


So, the holidays are over, the dust has settled, and we have a final round of “Best Of’s” for 2008! There has been a really good buzz and a lot of excitement going around through the first few days of 2009 and I really hope it continues throughout the year!

*Edit – John Taylor and Aaron Ross have been added at the end of the post!


We Mine Deeper Best Of 2008


David Lang has a great “best of 2008” feature up on his site We Mine Deeper. Check it out here!

Best Of 2008 – Part 2


Here’s our second round of “best of”s for 2008. We have a huge list of people for our second round and there’s a chance there will be a third! If you missed it, make sure to check part 1 here.


The Fader’s Listmania


Out of all the end of the year roundups, The Fader has my favorite thing going on by far. I posted on their list last year and was super excited to see what they came up with this year. They always have the most random topics and I love how the numbers change… Like “Top Six Celebrity Sightings Near The FADER’s LA Office” or “Top Two Different Dances That Are Actually The Same Dance” how about “Top Fifty Things Lil Wayne Is, According To Lil Wayne on The Carter III”.

Definitely a good way to enjoy Christmas Eve Eve. Check Fader’s Listmania here – Part 1 & Part 2.

Best of 2008 – Part 1


To round up 2008, we hit up a bunch of our friends and asked them a simple question: Send us us one good thing that stands out from the past twelve months. Thinking back on 2008, it probably won’t be remembered as the best year, but rather than focusing on the negative, we wanted to keep it positive, so check out what everyone had to say! Thanks to everyone who sent stuff in and check back soon for part 2 and possibly part 3! Also, fell free to add your favorite thing of 2008 in the comments!