Nike SB Shelter Berlin


Looking at this when its about -20 here in Chicago…is just downright depressing, but goddamn this place looks amazing. Someone better get some bikes in there. Gorgeous set ups

Hit the jump for a better look at this place.



The first time I tried BMX racing was at the Christmas Classic in 1997. I had a lot of fun, but the “jumps” were more like hills, and the closest thing to excitement was watching Robbie Miranda call out BMX dads for smoking cigs at the track.

Looks like things have changed a bit. Click here to watch the Red Bull R.Evolution race in Berlin.


Starting October 15th, there will be an international festival for contemporary illustration and graphic art called ILLUSTRATIVE held in Berlin, which lasts for 17 days.

Click HERE for more info.

Thanks to Katharina Standke.