Best of Behind The Scenes

Great collection of behind the scenes movie photos via Selectism. So crazy how the process of making movies has changed over the years. Looking at the shot of the crew actually filming the printed credits for Empire Strikes Back really puts things into perspective. Check out the photos here.


Behind the Scenes of Fantastic Mr. Fox


After we posted on the Fantastic Mr. Fox book by Pentagram last week, we got an email from Christopher San Agustin letting us know a great behind the scenes video covering the making of the film. The video touches on the work flow during shooting and has a bunch of great shots of the sets and the cameras/setups they used to create the film.


Automotive Rigs

Picture 19

Remote camera angles are cool and I’m always stoked on seeing the process behind them. Cruising around some photography forums today I stumbled came across the site for Automotive Rigs – a company selling car-mount rigs designed specifically for automotive photographers. Check out some shots from their website and more rig photos after the jump.