I’m always looking for ways to keep shooting BMX interesting. After 20 years of pointing various kinds of cameras at essentially the same thing, it can become frustrating in a way. I think that is the main reason I tend to enjoy only taking pictures of things that people can do a few times in a row, so I can experiment a little. The idea of catching a split second in time where someone is really risking their life does not appeal to me, I leave that to the professionals. 

I envisioned this picture to look somewhat like this, but when I looked at the LCD after I was ecstatic. It looked strange and almost made me uncomfortable, it’s really just a fish eye shot of Steven Hamilton’s head.  Somehow you can still see the take off and the landing and tell it’s a wallride. I also am a true believer that the subject is always the most important detail of a photograph and I don’t think there is any denying at this point in time that Steven is an icon in our little corner of the world. He has been on the scene for a long time with ups and downs and somehow managed to come out motivated and still loving the act of riding. I spent 5 days at his house this summer and couldn’t help but be motivated by it. I think all those factors are what make this image so important to me, it captured an energy and that is always the goal when taking a picture.

Bob Scerbo