Gabe Brooks / Quintin “Be A G” Hat

Gabe Brooks’ hat with Quintin is available now.

From Quintin:
There are only a handful of people that can live up to the tagline “BE A G”. Gabe is one of them. Once he got out of the system, Mike Ardelean immediately told us he’s on the team, and that we needed to send him a box of hats. As we’ve gotten to know him over the last year or so, it’s become evident that he has a strong mix of characteristics that allow him to persevere through the worst of times and shine at the best of times. There’s something undeniable about Gabe that we wanted to translate onto a hat. We hope by the powers of osmosis that a part of Gabe is instilled into your psyche.

The “Be A G” hat is available HERE now.

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