Autophoto: Tristan Afre

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Tristan who? Tristan Afre, AKA Gutstains. Same person and both shoot photos. This is the first Autophoto of 2014, so thanks to Guts for delivering the goods.

Click below to check out Tristan’s Autophoto and be sure to follow him on Instagram too.


Flashback Friday: Jeff Allen Autophoto

jeff allen, bmx, photography

Click HERE to eyeball Jeff's Autophoto from 2009.


Autophoto: Ryan Worcester

Super excited to bring you our latest Autophoto with Ryan Worcester who sent over a great mix of riding, traveling, hiking, and skiing photos. Lots of them are snapshots and like Ryan said in an email “a lot of these are photos I like, happen to have on my computer right now and aren’t meant to be a portfolio of my “best” or most technically proficient photos, but rather some snapshots with stories along the way. These are in some ways photos I picked more for a personal attachment and the story they have than a technical display of proficiency”

Keep reading to check em out!


RE-UP: Jeff Z Autophoto

Out of the blue, it popped into my head that a re-up of Jeff Z’s Autophoto would be sweet. Between everyone who lives here now or comes through, this almost seems fitting.

Soooo… Just in case you missed it last year, here’s your chance to check out a great Long Beach themed Autophoto from Jeff Z. This was one of my favorites for sure.

Autophoto: Andrew White

Our boy Andrew White from Nashville, Tennessee has hooked up a sweet Autophoto for us. Andrew has been putting in some good magazine work, and we are stoked to get a good mix of stuff from him to show you. Click below to check that out.

Also, Check out a Spotlight with Andrew over on Push it a Stop.


Autophoto: Daniel Benson

Here’s an Autophoto with the UK’s Daniel Benson. I’m not sure what took so long to get him on Defgrip, considering I’m always stoked when I see his stuff in Ride UK. Nonetheless, here we are with an Autophoto.

Click below to check that out.


Jared Souney Autophoto

We are super excited to present an Autophoto with Portland based photographer Jared Souney. Jared sent over a great mix of old and new BMX shots as well as some great lifestyle and point and shoot photos.


Autophoto: Joe Cox

Most of you are familiar with Joe Cox’s skill on a bicycle and video work, but he is also a talented photographer as well. He’s contributed numerous times to the magazines in one way or another over the years, so this shouldn’t really be that big of a revelation. Nonetheless, Joe does a good job of documenting the things around him as well as his friends and local scene.

Click below to check out Joe’s autophoto (where he dug up some old gems) and HERE to check out his personal site.


Autophoto: Ryan Bailey

We are super excited to bring you a new Autophoto from New York based photographer, Ryan Bailey. Ryan is a founding member of the Snake Lounge and even though he grew up in Florida riding BMX, this is the first Autophoto we’ve had on Defgrip without any BMX photos. Ryan shoots with an arrangement of film cameras, and amongst other wild situations, seems to find him self in the woods with naked girls on a regular basis… Ryan also just launched a new portfolio site with a great collection of work and a photo blog that he is using to visually document his life. Check that out here and keep reading to see Ryan’s Autophoto!


Autophoto: Jeff Zielinski

What better way to kick off 2010 than with an Autophoto from Jeff Zielinski?

Without a doubt, Jeff Z is one of the best photographers in BMX and we are proud to bring this feature to you. Jeff wanted to do a “Long Beach, CA” themed Autophoto and has provided us with a good mix of assorted photographs on the subject.

Click through and enjoy. Happy New Year!


Autophoto: Dean Dickinson

Portland’s pool shralpin’ Dean Dickinson provides us with our latest Autophoto.

Click below to check it out.


Tommy Blanco Autophoto

tommy blanco autophoto photography

Check out or latest Autophoto with LA photographer Tommy Blanco!


Jeff Allen Autophoto


Check out a great Autophoto with Boston photographer and film lover, Jeff Allen. Jeff was the one who’s Hasselblad was smashed on that Metal trip and he included the photo in his series along with many other great shots…

Check out Jeff Allen’s Autophoto here.

Joey Cobbs Autophoto

joey cobbs autophoto

I know it’s been a long time since we’ve done an Autophoto, but we are back at it and psyched to bring your a great series of photos from Joey Cobbs!

Check out Joey’s Autophoto here.