Audi R18 e-tron Trailer

A great trailer from Audi for their new R18 e-tron Quattro. My first car was a Audi 4000 Quatro CS and even though it’s been years since I had it, I still think about it on a regular basis. Such a rad car!

Frankfurt Auto Show part 2


Dave Mavro came through with a second batch of photos from the Frankfurt Auto Show. Click below to see them all.


Audi and BMW Billboards


I thought that these Audi commercials were pretty funny and accurate because they made fun of Lexus, a car which no self-respecting car enthusiast would buy. But then I drove by their Santa Monica billboard which says “Your Move, BMW” and thought it was a bit weird, not just because it’s corny but also because comparatively, BMW is still actually a pretty decent German brand, in a douchey, 2nd-to-Mercedes-and-Porsche sort of way.

So it’s extra funny to me that BMW dropped a billboard directly across the street soon after, featuring the M3 Coupe and the word “Checkmate”.

Check out the story and photo here.

Truth in 24


Great website, great trailers, great concept, free movie. This documentary chronicles the 2008 Le Mans race and, considering that the movie is produced by Audi, there’s a high emphasis on the amazing R10 TDI car.

I recommend clicking through the entire website but you can also go straight to the trailer here. The full length movie is also available for free download on iTunes.

Thanks Jason Eichhorst.

Insult to Injury – Audi commericals


Don’t let Lexus’ boring ass cars rob you of your identity.

Seriously I don’t even like Audi and I love these commercials. First this, now these two new spots.

Here’s the first one.

Here’s an even better one.