Audi Super Bowl Commercial


I’m sure you all saw the Audi commercial “The Chase” during the Super Bowl a few weeks ago. Not only was it fun to watch, cramming the iconic styles of each decade into thirty seconds, but it was also very cool to see Audi give a nod (underhanded as it may have been) to Mercedes and BMW, yet openly snub Lexus, long notorious for producing cars that look great on paper but lack any sort of soul. So funny how he gives the Lexus a disgusted look, and continues running.

The black 280SE was a perfect selection to represent Mercedes in the 70s, as was the E28 with BMWs iconic shark nose. After jumping that car through the billboard, they actually posted it on eBay the following week.

As a proponent of rear wheel drive I can’t exactly agree that the current decade actually belongs to Audi, but this commercial is definitely worth a few views.

Check out the full commercial here.

Check out the behind-the-scenes look at making the commercial here.